10 Most Uncomfortable Movie Scenes that you will never see again

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Whenever we watch a movie, there are always some scenes that stuck with us long after the movie is over. Sometimes they are romantic or funny scenes but most often than not they are the scene that left us uncomfortable. Some people don’t like blood while some people are uncomfortable when watching an erotic scene with their family. But even then, there are some scenes that make you want to close your eyes in the middle of the movie. These are the scenes that usually haunt us after the movie is long over. Today, we are going to talk about 10 uncomfortable movie scenes of all time.

“127 Hours”

I would like to think that most of you have seen this movie, but for those of you who have not seen it, this movie is about a real-life outdoorsman Aron Ralston who got stuck in a canyon with his arm pinned beneath a rock. The moment Aron got his arm struck, we all must have guessed what the end result was going to be. And if we are being truthful, we all were dreading the ending, where the character cut his own arm and that too with his dull pocket knife, so that he could leave the canyon instead of dying there because of hunger. This scene is so uncomfortable, that if you have a weak stomach, you may just throw up after watching it.

“American Pie”

You may think that nothing can top cutting your own arm with a pocket knife in making you uncomfortable, but then you must not have navigated the opposite sex in the awkwardness of high school. And I don’t think anything can top the scene in the movie “American Pie” where Jim (Jason Baggins) strips and dance for Nadia, a foreign exchange student but forgets to turn off his webcam. What more, the entire school is watching him trying to get laid but he just makes a fool of himself. Even more embarrassing moment arises when he ejaculates just after the slightest contact with Nadia. You must be wondering that he couldn’t embarrass himself anymore but he does so by ejaculating once more while the whole school watches in horror, disgust and embarrassment.

“Hard Candy”

While the scene in “American Pie” was just plain embarrassing to watch, the scene in the movie “Hard Candy” where a teenager named Hayley castrates an older man named Jeff Kohlver is too disturbing. It is a tough movie to swallow but this scene takes the cake. I don’t think even a single male can sit through this scene without cringing even though it has been revealed that Jeff is a pedophile. What makes this scene even more queasy is that it unfolds in real time and has very uncomfortable surgical procedure sound effects.


We can all agree that watching someone giving birth in a movie is very uncomfortable and watching an emergency C-section even more so. But this French horror film will make you want to leave the hall in the middle of the movie. In this movie, Sarah Scarangelo is pregnant women who is preparing to give birth but just days before the delivery she is attacked in her own house by a female stalker who wants Sarah’s baby for herself. For this, the stalker goes as far as trying to cut the baby out of Sarah while she sleeps. Obviously, Sarah wakes up and fights her off. We all hope that Sarah will be safe in the end but the real twist comes in the end when the stalker successfully performs the C-section on Sarah and that too using a pair of household scissors. This is one of the most disturbing scenes I’ve ever seen.


We can all agree that rape scenes are one of the most uncomfortable and hard to watch scenes ever particularly if you are with a companion. But I don’t think there is anything more disturbing than the rape scene in the French movie Irreversible.

The rape scene in this movie is 10 minutes long and was shot in a single shot to make it as real life as possible. If nothing else, you will feel bad for the actress who had to perform this act. There is nothing missing from this unforgivable act in the movie and some critics even said that this scene was unwatchable.

“Human Centipede”

I don’t think a more uncomfortable and disturbing movie than the Human Centipede has ever been made. This movie focuses on the character Martin Lomax, one of the most disturbing characters ever, what with his fixation on making a human centipede. Martin kidnaps and performs a surgery on the people so that they are forged to each other by way of digestive tract. This movie can give you nightmares for weeks.

“Blue Velvet”

If you want to see how far human depravity can go then you must watch this movie. During the movie, when Frank Booth enters Dorthy, a nightclub singer’s home, he first verbally berates her and then after drinking some bourbon, he beats her. If that isn’t enough, he then goes on to sexually assault her on the living room floor all the while Jeffrey, a college student watches it all from the closet of Dorthy’s apartment. It is one of the most memorable and horrifying scenes ever.

“The Exorcist”

Most if not all of us has seen this cult classic horror movie at least once. This horror movie is full of scenes that are too disturbing and uncomfortable to watch. But I think the scene in which a little girl masturbates with a crucifix is the most disturbing part of the film. It isn’t enough that we have to see a little girl masturbating but we have to see her do it with the help of a crucifix. This movie is one of the most terrifying movies ever made.


This is a cult classic movie. It is one of a type. It is brutal, it is gory, and downright terrifying sometimes. But the scene where an alien life-form bursts out from the chest of a character by the name of John Hurt is probably one of the most surprising and heart attack inducing scenes ever. It is one of the most disturbing scenes ever what with how brutal and gory it is.

“A Clockwork Orange”

This movie is full of eye-averting scenes. But even then the scene “singing in the Rain” is not something you can forget once you have seen it. Alex DeLarge breaks into a married couple’s house and starts to brutally beat both the husband and the wife all the while singing and dancing to a musical tone. The scene gets even more disturbing when Alex begins to cut the wife’s clothes with the help of a scissor in front of her husband. The thing that makes it so uncomfortable and disturbing is the sheer joy Alex gets while doing all these things. It is truly one of the most horrific scenes ever.


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