A Roseanne Spinoff is actually happening, Without Roseanne

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ABC had decided to abruptly cancel hit TV sitcom “Roseanne” after the titular character’s actress Roseanne Barr posted a racist Tweet. Although fans were disappointed to see their beloved show disappear from television the decision was understood. However, it seems that fans are in luck since a “Roseanne” spinoff is actually happening, just without Roseanne.
The show is called “The Conners”, although this is a working title and could still be changed in the future. It will follow all the original cast members Lecy Goranson, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, and Michael Fishman portraying the same characters as they did before. The show has been given the go-ahead sign and 10 episodes have been ordered by the network. What the show will focus on now that the titular character is no longer part of the show is unsure but we’ll just have to wait and see.

ABC and previous cast members of the show have released a statement in which they expressed their gratitude for the amount of fan support that they have received. They state that they are happy to see that their characters have made it into the hearts of so many people. The new show will be centered on the everyday lives of a working-class family and the challenges that they face in this modern day and age.
Since the cancellation of “Roseanne”, Roseanne Barr has expressed her regret with regards to the Tweet that she posted but has also expressed her relief that all the cast members and other people working on the show will be able to keep their jobs. Barr states she regrets the circumstances behind her removal from “Roseanne”, and that she only agreed to the settlement so as to secure the 200 jobs of the cast and crew. Barr will not receive any money or other royalties from the new spinoff.
Many controversies have already sparked around Barr before the racist Tweet that ultimately broke the camel’s back. She received not only a lot of backlash as an avid Trump supporter but has caused multiple controversies that sparked from “jokes” taken too far. In 2009 Barr sparked a public backlash as photos emerged in which she was dressed up as Hitler. These photos were made for a satirical Jewish magazine and Barr defended herself claiming she was making fun of Hitler, not of his actions. In 2014 she created another backlash for herself as she shared the address of George Zimmerman on Twitter. Zimmerman filed a lawsuit against Barr stating that the Tweet brought him and his family in danger. In 2018, before her racist Tweet, Barr stated that a Parkland school shooting survivor was giving the Nazi salute at a protest rally.
Barr’s career has been plagued by scandals, most of which she caused by herself. It comes as no surprise that she would ultimately take it too far and be written out of her own show. The last season of Roseanne will probably be Barr’s last TV performance as there is no coming back from such a scandal. It’s safe to say that for most people she will not be missed. “The Conners” is to be released this fall and will take over the8 pm Tuesday timeslot that “Roseanne” previously occupied.


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