Action Galore in 2018

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The entertainment scene can only get better each year. 2018 is definitely no exception. The entertainment industry always busy with activities. There are upcoming series that will definitely leave people glued to their screens. For the action lovers and adventure, 2018 is for sure packed with a lot for you. If you think a 2-hour movie is too much you could try series. An episode would rarely exceed an hour. The following new series will grace your screen in 2018: Star Wars Underworld, Rambo: New Blood, and Cloak & Dagger. You better invest in popcorn and soda for 2018 it’s going to be entertainment galore!
Star Wars is known for the movies but 2018 offers a twist to it. A new series, Star Wars Underworld. It shall comprise of 10 episodes that will certainly leave you yearning for more. The interesting thing about series is that in most cases they show an episode each week. This can drive you insane. Perhaps series are out to cultivate patience? If, however, a season is over, series bring about overindulgence. If the movie itself leaves people flocking theatres, the upcoming series may just be clockwork for people waiting for the show time. The focus shall be a young bounty hunter with his mentor on a journey. The pair shall be transporting a shipment around the galaxy but their journey shall be characterized by different challenges.
There is more in store for action and adventure lovers. Perhaps even war scene lovers. Sylvester Stallone is well known as the star of Rambo the movie. Among the new series for 2018 is Rambo: New Blood. This upcoming series shall be based on Sylvester Stallone’s role in Rambo, the movie. He provided vigilante justice through his military training. He was a Vietnam Veteran. This is definitely going to be action packed if the movie is anything to go by.
Entertainment and technology never cease to amaze. Stories and comics today are being produced in a motion picture. This is true for Cloak & Dagger. 2018 shall be exhilarating for comic lovers especially. Marvel continues to outwork themselves and to give life to various comical characters. Cable television lovers will be entertained with this fantastic duo. Cloak & Dagger are two teenagers from different backgrounds. They, however, find themselves having superpowers. This will certainly interest drama lovers for a bit. The duo does fall in love. It may unfold to be a bittersweet love story. Or probably a happily ever after situation? You can never be too sure with comics brought to life. The plot twist may leave you in more confusion than when it all started! This though, is what entertainment and art are about.
Creativity is paramount in the arts and entertainment industry. 2018 is another opportunity for creatives to awe their fans and followers. The new series without any announced release dates and upcoming series that have announced dates will leave people ogling at their screens. Marvel definitely want 2018 as marvelous.
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