Adonis’ fight for legacy!

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Arising from the franchise of Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky”, “Creed II” presents a similar theme. This maintains Ryan Coogler’s prime storyline, this time a dramatic insight into Adonis Creed’s life as he struggles with balancing the life growing into a man while striving to maintain his late father’s legacy, Apollo Creed. Adonis wants to start a family. At the time of proposing to his fiancée Bianca (played by Tessa Thompson), he discovers she is pregnant with his child. He is worried as to whether his daughter may have the same auditory conditions as the mother and this uncertainty is emotionally flamed with the fact that he is fighting to overcome the pain of his father’s death. Adonis has to overcome his emotional shortcomings caused by his father’s death at the hands of “Rocky Balboa’s” arch nemesis, Ivan Drago back in Rock IV. The movie still has blasts from the past, with Dolph Lundgren (Ivan Drago) pulling off an impressive performance, perhaps the best in his career!

Steven Caple Jr. (this being his second movie feature) impressively directed this story of ‘hunger for success’ through grit and perseverance where the son of the former boxing legend has to face his life challenges head-on in a battle with Viktor (played by Florian Munteanu, a German-Romanian boxer), Drago’s son. The plot intensifies through his training, depicted as sheer bravado accompanied by the vulnerability of the pressure to live up to his father’s legacy. Michael B. Jordan, as Adonis (who still holds the golden chips from his enthralling act in Black Panther), is supported by Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) in the intense preparation for the impending battle. Rocky’s role continues to provide is an inspirational reminder from the other Rocky movies that history is a part of us and it is upon Adonis to strive tirelessly to achieve a worthy ideal. The screenplay shows their shared desire for legacy, ambition and the fundamental importance of family as a cornerstone of life. Jordan fits in this role perfectly maintaining a good show of performance with his critics and fans.

Stallone’s role as a writer as well as a co-star in the movie cements a large portion of the movie as an auxiliary ststorylineWith the same script makers of the Rocky movies, the storyline could not go wrong! He maintains his connection with the previous movies by adding emotional linchpins like frequently visiting his late wife’s (Adrian) grave and being guilty for abandoning his own son. He has also not yet met his grandson. Partly this makes a large part of the movie predictable as the notion of the importance of family is injected in strong doses. These old references are particularly important for the followers of the Rocky films to maintain the depth of the characters’ roles. The toe-to-toe fight between Adonis and Viktor is nothing short of spectacular, bloody fantastic and the movie itself reminds us of the fight for success is one of great sacrifice and hard work. It is by no doubt that the movie will inspire many despite the fact that the story was largely borrowed from the older Rocky movie themes making it highly predictable. It is captivating nonetheless!

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