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During the three long hours of this Warner Bros Movie “Annabelle: Creation” you will start loving this initially frightening doll
Annabelle and even adore her. The director John R Leonetti has turned a perfect sequel to the movie “The Conjuring.” This creation is what a horror story can grip you with passion, love, adoration, and bit of envy. The story is woven around the late 1960 period.

A small coincidence is that the name of the doll and the actor is same- Anabelle Wallis is enacting the Pregnant Mia, She lives
with her husband John (played by Ward Horton) lives in the lush green village of Los Angeles. Mia gets the s doll named Annabelle of yesteryears as a present. The ugly face was masqueraded artistically, and both of them could not notice it.

Turn of events 

Pregnant Mia (Annabelle Wallis) and husband Dr. John (Ward Horton) lived quietly in a leafy L.A. suburb somewhere in
1969. When John gives Mia a girl doll named Annabelle either of them notices the camouflaged ugly face.

Then the horror is unleashed. The poor little doll has all her face with demonic blood. But Mia gets a healthy boy in spite
of her being stabbed.


The satanic cult

The Manson got the jolt from the family-like satanic cult. They soon realized that this is the beginning of a
horror reign. The satanic worshipping couple was shot dead by the police, but enough damage they could instill to Mia and her husband through the doll Anabelle.

The initial release was planned in 2014 in Russia for unknown reasons, but the applause was great and the box office earning swelled to say $50 Million. The producers James Wan and Peter Safran could breathe a sigh of relief.


The demonic culture

The Satan is at logger’s head with the believers of the Lord. This movie is adequately packed with good versus evil them very well. Annabelle is made as a conduit to spread Satanism creepily.

The seven-year-old girl Annabelle died in California is incarnated to the horror-filled doll. In fact, she and five other orphaned
girls were brought to a farmhouse by a nun. That farmhouse is owned by former toy maker Sam Mullins and his wife, Esther.

Annabelle is written by Gary Dauberman in a gripping way; he seems to have done enough research on the satanic cult all
over the globe with a specific emphasis on the USA.


Flutter was evident 

The film based on Annabelle the doll created a flutter when the show in 2014 in LA. In spite of criticism, the film made an unprecedented sweep in the box office. The production cost was just $6.5 million, and the box office brought in a whopping forty times of production cost. The rare vintage porcelain doll presented to Mia by her doctor hubby John Form. That was supposed to be a part of the doll museum of their daughter.


Sudden Build up of horror 

The same night their neighbor Higgins‘s shouting woke up the couple. Higgins was murdered, and the police were arriving the
murderer couple of the-the Satanic cult attacked the couple, it was a bit too fast in the calm sequence in which the story of “Annabelle: Creation” was woven.

The police shoot the murdered couple, she dies with the doll in her hand, that was a gripping scene. The murdered couple were
Higgins’ estranged daughter Annabelle, and her boyfriend belongs to the cult. The baby born to Mia is named as Leah. And the demonic continues to all the three unabated. Mia has an encounter with the Satan but she escapes. Then the detective Clarkin comes to picture to solve the mystery.

The director, a cinematographer himself along with horror masters could keep the suspense intact. Anabelle: Creation is a
movie worth watching.

Sequel in the offing

Sequel to “Annabelle: Creation” is expected soon. The horror incidents continue like

– Big popcorn bursting into flames on the stove,

– Poor television reception,

– A sewing machine running in the middle of the night and flying saucers.

The cult seems to have been percolating through Freemason Club where the devil wanted the baby. “Anabelle: Creation” is gripping when Mia says “The devil preys on the weak and the vulnerable.


Screenplay is unbeatable

When Mia was presented with the doll her first reaction was “Do you know how long I’ve been looking?“. That screenplay twist keeps the movie interesting and the moviegoers on the end of the seat situation.” Anabelle: Creation” is a small budget movie but made a significant profit at the box office.

Eric Ladin, Brian Howe, and Alfre Woodard are other actors in this movie. The shooting was in well-organized sequence.
The music composed by Joseph Bishara is remarkable.

Earning all over the world breaking all previous records.

The earning in North America alone was $172.6 in other territories for a worldwide total of $256.9 million while In the U.S. and Canada, Annabelle is the fourteenth highest-grossing horror/supernatural film category. France and Germany also accepted the movie well. Mexico also accepted the horror movie wholeheartedly. In the Philippines, the movie did extremely well earn over
₱121.33 million.

The screenplay is superb with the dialogues apt. The cast is well cut out. The horror is centered among the major players
very. Naturally, the tempo building which is tough in normal course is wonderfully well. The well-crafted horror scenes revolving around the hapless doctor and his wife are done with real craft. The makeup is also very well done.

The doll as such is cute even though a bit scary at times. The music is extraordinary for a horror movie. The human touch
brought including passion, fear, love, and anxiety remarkably by the director.



“Annabelle: Creation” is typically got a horror genre with a touch of human psychology.Directed by David Sandberg  “Annabelle: Creation” has a host of stars-Stephanie Sigman, Talitha Bateman etc

The production team consists of Peter Safran, James Wan, Michael Clear, Richard Brener, Walter Hamada, Dave Neustadter, Hans C Ritter, Steven Mnuchin. The writer Gary Dauberman has kept the tempo intact throughout the movie.

They soon become the target of the doll maker’s possessed creation, Annabelle. The incoherent and incredible theme is
weaved around horror, passion, and love is a herculean task for the team. Whatever way you look at, “Annabelle: Creation,” is a movie recommended for all.

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