What is behind the scenes of the movie “the killing of a sacred Deer?”

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Stephem Murphy who is the head of a household of four; himself, his wife and two children. The family seem to exist in tranquility, peace and love. Lurking behind this model family is a childless man insinuating himself to this family in an annoying ways. In due time the extent of the intent behind this man explicitly becomes clear as he attacks Doctor Stephen with a long forgotten sin intended to revenge and shatter the family apart eternally. If you have watched the movie “The killing of a sacred Deer”, you are cognizant of the fact that Stephen was compelled to make a weird sacrifice following the trajectory his life took. Some people have described the movie to be intriguing, others horrific and some disturbing. Whatever the description, the movie is worth your time. Keep reading this article for more insights, secrets behind scenes and details about actors. Certainly you will be thrilled by these revelations.


The story behind the movie “The killing of a sacred Deer” is really intriguing. It begins with Stephem Murphy, a cardiovascular surgeon, performing a surgery with Mathew, his anesthesiologist. Later Stephen meets a young man called Martin whom he appears to mentor and buys him some watch. Thereafter Stephen takes dinner with Anna, his wife, Bob his Son and Kim His daughter. His Son requests to go party with his sister. Jokingly Stephen accepts on condition that Bob cuts his long hair but after the intervention of their mum, they are allowed to go. Stephen then mentions to his wife how he met Martin, Kim’s school mate. That night the couple have crazy sex where Stephen masturbates before kissing Anna. The story continues to the next night when Anna accompanies Steve to give s speech and where he rejected an offer of cocktail thereafter.

Martin had lost a father 10 years earlier and been residing with his mother. The friendship tie strengthen as we see Martin spend a lot of moments with Steven’s children especially the girl, Kim. The two walk around together and Kim sings to Martin. Here we notice the bonds grow and they are suddenly in love. While driving, Steven sees Martin behind him. Martin later invites him to his home for dinner where they eat and watch Martin’s father favorite movie. Martin gets up unexpectedly and leaves Stephen with his mother. The mother knows Stephen as her late husband’s doctor and highly attracted to her. She begins to kiss Stephen who also leaves the premises. One or two days later Martin invites Stephen to the usual place for dinner but he declines. Now Stephen knows that Martin has some weird characteristics.

Stephen is heartbroken to realize that Martin is on a revenge mission since He believes that He killed his father (Remember the father died in the hands of Stephen in Hospital). The meet at the cafeteria of the hospital where bob is admitted being unable to use his legs property. Martin seems to indirectly suggest to Steve to kill his son or lose the entire family by promising the following consequences: Firstly by losing legs like bob, then by starving and finally by bleeding from the eye. Martin is seen being escorted by the hospital guards.

Kim collapses in choir practice then admitted in the same room with Bob. Anna exchanges sex with her husband’s anesthesiologist for information that confirmed Stephen was drunk hence the death of Martin’s father was his negligence. Martin calls Kim, whom they have been having affair, then Kim is able to stand but the legs fail again after the call. Anna decides to visit Martin who breaks the news, Stephen has been having an affair with his mother. A decision is reached and the children are brought home. At the basement Anna watch her husband beat Martin to compel him stop pursuing them. At midnight Kim meets Martin at the basement and request for her legs to leave with him. In the morning the family notices her absence and finds her dragging bleeding her legs upon research. Anna finally decides to let Martin free and Bob start bleeding from the eyes. Everyone in the house is in an okward suspense for they know time has come for Martin to make a decision. Everyone in the living room is covered with a pillow case, Steven gambles who to sacrifice. Blood is seen beneath Bob. What a tragic decision.

The next time you see the remnant family members is when they are in a restaurant where Martin walks in and they leave.


These are the real names of thee actors of the movie “The killing of a scared Deer”

1. Colin Farrell– Acting as Stephen Murmy

2. Nicole Kidman– Acting as Anna Murmy, Stephen’s wife

3. Barry Keoghan-The man, Martin.

4. Raffey Cassidy-Kim Murmy, the doughter

5. Alicia Silverstone-Martin’s Mother

6. Sunny Suljic– Bob, the son

7. Bill Camp-Mathew, the anesthesiologist

Colin James Farrel, acting as Staven Murmy, was born in Ireland in 1776 but resided in Los Angeles. He is a talented Holly Wood actor who has won many global awards as shown below :

1. Best international actor- Goldene Kamera

2. Best cast-Boston society of critics

3. Best actor-San Diego critics society

4. Best Actor-Irish film & television academy

5. Best actor-Golden globe award

6. Newcomer of the year-London film critics circle

7. Best actor-Boston society of film critisc, Empoire arwards and Shangai international film festivals

With this international recognition and talent, Colin James Farrel has earned a lot from the film industry. He must be doing pretty well financially.


“The killing of a sacred Deer” is indeed a movie of its kind and time. It leaves you perplexed a horrified citizen. No wonder it ends with Stephen, Anna and Kim happily together in a restaurant, perhaps you lift your emotions. You can agree that the movie crew did an extraordinary job. It can only take talent and dedication to come up with such. In case you haven’t watched it, now you have every reason to watch but in case you have, you can now do a recap of the movie from a point of information, now that you clearly comprehend the intrigues therein. Dear Kim, sorry for being the sacred Deer.

Enjoy the movie.

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