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Written by Jon Hartmere and filmed by Neil Burger, “The Upside” is one of the best comedy-drama you could watch. It puts together the comedy and drama perfectly thus making it easier for any viewer to relate and easily understand the storyline. Before getting to the current movie, there have been different remakes done by the industry in order to make it more understandable for every kind of viewer. It all started with the movie named “The Intouchables” by Olivier Nakache alongside, Eric Toledano. Other than that, it is also familiar to, Ooipiril Thozha which is Indian and Inseparables from Argentina.

“The Upside”, is a movie based on a true story. Talking and explaining the day-to-day life of a particular person in every scene. The life of Phillip Polo De Borg is the real inspiration to the first origin of this movie from which the first remake was done. The storyline is about a paralyzed billionaire hiring a convict to take care of him all through. This relationship between the two is brought in a comic way easy to understand and that will crack your ribs as expected of a perfect comedy.
The 126-minute movie, was remade by the Winston company in 2011, was remade from “The Intouchables”. For the English version, Paul Feig was given the mandate to write the script and at the same time direct it from the beginning to the end. The company had set-up different roles for various celebrities and awesome actors in the movie industry. This includes Idris Elba, Jammie Foxx, and Chris Rock to take the role as Dell and Colin Firth as Phillip. That was all in 2012.
Unfortunately, Paul Feig suddenly opted out and resigned before the movie was even done and was replaced by Tom Shadyac who was expected to make the movie seem a reality. The actors also changed since Kevin Hart signed in on October 2014 where he was given the role as Dell.
Some more changes were done in 2016 for instance, the replacement of Colin Firth by Bryan Cranston as Phillip. Simon Curtis became the third director who used Paul Feig’s script until another replacement was done. Neil Burger took the part of the director of which at that moment he used the first script done by Hartmere.
In 2017, the title was changed to current, “The Upside” after the photographing had started earlier January the same year.
The movie had its first premiere in Toronto in September 2017 and was scheduled to be out in March 2018. Due to inconveniences like the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations, the film was postponed as scheduled and was set to be released some other time. Finally, the date for its release was set as January 11, 2019, thanks to the collaboration between the STX Entertainment and Lantern Entertainment who took the responsibility to spread and distribute the movie all around the globe.
These are the casts of the film
Kevin Hart playing Dell Scott
Bryan Cranston playing Phillipe Lacasse
Nicole Kidman playing Yvonne
Aja Naomi playing Latrice
Genevieve Angelson as Jenny
Julianna Margulies as Lily
Rachel Alana Handler as Proctor
Tate Donovan as Carter Locke
Omi Vaidya
Mac Brandt
Amara Karan
Jahi Di’Allo as Anthony
Golshifteh Farahani as Dr. Gupta
Michael Quinlan as Jack.
The response is outstanding in a way that it has had a higher than average rank.


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