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We believe it! After 43 years of broadcasting on CBS, the popular award show, People’s choice awards, has found a new home. Produced by Procter & Gamble and Mark Burnett who bought the show from its creator Bob Stivers in 1982 made a big
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E! announced they will be broadcasting the show but also be responsible and oversee the award’s digital, social and voting platforms. Adam Stotsky, President, E!, shared his excitement in an interview. He feels that this move was just a natural extension for E! and he cannot hide the excitement being a part of this amazing opportunity. The opportunities come once in a lifetime. Being and seeing the best being crowed is a dream come true.

People's Choice Awards

Reminder for everyone, People’s Choice Awards is the only major award show that is based on the public votes where fans pick the nominees and ultimately the winners in movies, music, television and more various categories. E! will broadcast the 44th annual awards in 2018 on a global scale of 17 international channels in 153 countries and on 24 languages.

According to The New York Times, which first reported the acquisition, E! is reported to have paid $8 to $10 million for the franchise.

E! can be proud of its own award shows, most recognizable being MTV, the channel is also best known for a reality-TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. The rumors are that the cable networks viewership was dropping as the number of the subscribers also started to fall. So it was time for a big, bold move that will change that path and bring them to the higher ranks again. And sooner better than later, they made their move. Let’s just hope it was a move worth taking, and the one that will secure their future with better followership and subscriber numbers.


People's Choice Awards

The title of most awards goes to none other than Ellen DeGeneres, setting up a new record of 20 awards. That title is not strange for Ellen as she builds a successful show that is based on her joyful personality and comedic charisma. Last year’s People’s Choice Awards Ellen was awarded in three categories. Favorite Daytime TV Host for her popular The Ellen show, Favorite Comedic Collaboration for her hilarious visit to the mall with Britney Spears and Favorite Animated Movie Voice for Finding Dory. The reward was presented to her by her longtime friend Justin Timberlake. It will be exciting to follow up 2018 awards and see if she will be able to defend the title of the most awarded person.


People's Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Awards 2018 will be aired on January 9th, beginning at 9 PM ET from Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.
It will be exciting to see if E! will change some aspects in a traditional award show, or will it bring some of its recognizable charms. It is yet to be published about the nominees, hosts, presenters, and performers that will be part of the 44th edition, but one is sure as always. It will be an evening full of surprises, laughter, and entertainment. So, save the date!


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