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If you are into new releases and are keen to know what is the next best new thing that has got everyone talking then you will be happy to know of the “Blade Runner 2049” movie that is set to get your blood pumping.

Plot of the movie

The official plot revolves around an Officer K who is a new Blade-Runner for the Los Angeles Police Department snooping around. As a newly dedicated cop, K stumbles upon a secret that has been buried for decades that has the power to shake the remaining shreds of civilization to destruction. His discovery of the new and exciting evidence raises more question and soon he heads out in search for a former Blade Runner Rick-Deckard (Harrison-Ford) that disappeared more than 30 years ago.

Production information

The thing that makes “Blade Runner 2049” exciting is the fact that it is a virtual continuation of the first “Blade Runner” which was released in 1982. 35 years later after years of whispers of a follow-up, an exciting follow-up is finally in the donation with the release date set on October 6 after being brought down from January 2018. To allow a wide audience to enjoy this release, the “Blade Runner 2049” is set to be released in 2D, 3D, Imax 3D. The movie which will be almost 3 hours long (163 minutes) has a lot of household names in its production line including the following;
Director: Denis Villeneuve
In charge of Cinematography: Roger Deakins
Music composed by: Jóhann Jóhannsson and Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch
Screenplay: Hampton Fancher and Michael Green

Overview of the movie

So far there have been three trailers that have acted as wonderful teasers giving a sneak preview of what the movie is about without giving away so much. The trailers can be viewed on most trailer channels and website.
Trailer one
The highlights of the first trailer opens up with scenes of Officer K in a flat. Playing in the background is Christmas casserole and he is joined by Joi who is played by Ana DeArmas who at this point we can assume is a relationship with him. The mood is eerie with contrasting elements that showcase a happy time mood dampened by unknown factors. It is in this trailer that we have a first sneak peak of the role that Jared Leto is playing.

Second trailer 

The second trailer that was released on May 8th, did much in heightening expectation for the role that Jared Leto played. Undertaking his main role as a villain, Niager Wallace is seen as the main antagonist. Throughout the trailer it seems he gets his kicks by threatening a lot of people while reminding them that the worst is yet to come.

Third trailer 

The third and what is believed to be the last trailer if the “Blade Runner 2049” gives a more cohesive overview of the roles of Ryan Howling and Harrison-Ford. It mainly focuses on the hunting of ex-cop Deckard by Officer K and we are given a setting of how he did it. What is weird in this trailer is the fact that Joi is cast in a different light somewhat of a psychologist where he looks at Officer K and tells him his story isn’t finished yet, still a page left in your story’

Cast of the movie

As we alluded to earlier, if you are looking forward to this movie you better get ready to see a lot of familiar names. This includes Robin-Wright (House of cards). Jared-Leto (Suicide-squad), Lennie James (The Walking Dead) and Dave Bautista (Guardians of the galaxy). An exciting fact is that apart from Harrison Ford another exciting returning name is Edward-James Olmos, who played veteran-replicant hunter Eduardo-Gaff in the original movie. Though his role hasn’t been elaborated many will be keen to see how he is able to bring his A game after all the years. More will be revealed about the movie as time goes by.

Original cast 

According to director Denis Villeneuve, their first pick for the villain was David Bowie. In explanation, he claimed that it was because his real-life character influenced the build of the character a lot. However, after tragedy stroke, they had to search for an actor who had similar underlying character and would bring him to life. His declaration now is that Jared Leto who was cast instead is giving his all and hence viewers should expect quite a show.
In addition to the cast, he gave a behind the scenes of the “Blade Runners 2049” setting that showed an apocalyptic-looking Los-Angeles and Las-Vegas. Fans cannot stop looking at the bloody looking shots of Howling and creepy shots of Jared Leto.


Exciting news

With a budget of 163 million pumped into production, fans will be happy to note that there is very few CGI involved in the actual shooting of various scenes. To give an in-depth realistic look, Scott mentioned the fact that they did a lot of shots on location and thus were able to focus on other elements of the movie.
As a tie-in between the 1982 movie and this 2017 release Scott has also made public that scenes from the original movie are being tied in with Deckard being featured looking on from a farm factory in deep thought. The tie-in is aimed at offering a continuation and thus a build up of what happened then to the point where Officer K comes in as the new “Blade Runner”.
Another exciting factor is that there is no creepy overview. This means you actually have to watch the movie and follow the plot to understand fully. In listening to critics and fans input we are expecting A lot of show and tell.

Trending fact about the movie

A fact that has got people reeled up is the mirroring factor that is given a while scene in the movie. Ideally, after Officer K looks and finds Deckard in a wasteland the two are seen playing pianos and both have flashes tied in. This brings to question a lot of things and the main question remains is if Deckard is a replicant and what is up with the unicorns?


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