Blunders in the Hollywood movies

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With all the scripts, actors and special effects, it’s amazing and movies get made at all. Of course, when the film makes it to bigger screens, it’s usually all worth it well, until you start noticing all sorts of little mistakes and slips have made it through our day. So here are some of the worst mistakes yet interesting oversights, it survives the editing room for Hollywood movies.

The Empire Strikes Back

Out of the original triad, “The Empire Strikes Back” is considered by most fans and critics to be the best movie of its time. However, like the other films, this amazing movie is not without its mistakes. Let’s take the iconic clash on Hoth as an example. In one scene, Luke climbs up underneath an Imperial Walker, and this turns it using a thermal detonator. The whole thing is pretty cool. Except for one little slip as the imperial walker falls, you can still see the stick used by the prop crew to push the model of the walker over.

Jason Bourne

The most recent installment in the Bourne franchise, “Jason Bourne” wasn’t as well-liked as in the original trilogy, maybe the various slips and mistakes and something to do with that. For instance, when Matt Damon is supposed to be in London, England, you can clearly see the Loisehour Hotel in Las Vegas in one of the shots during the final car chase through Las Vegas. The damage to Bourne’s Dodge Charger comes and goes while the armored car he’s chasing is causing vehicles to shoot straight up in the air against the laws of physics.
Alien Covenant
The latest in the ongoing Alien franchise; “Alien Covenant” look to pick up where previously left off. We will skip all the numerous fan complaints and simply head to one thing that bothered us at the end. Even if we believe that the colonist’s ships computer accepted David, it still leaves one thing that bugs us, namely, how does David know the exact container size needed for the embryo storage. After all, when he regurgitates to alien embryos they are both a perfect fit for the tray that holds the human containers. Is it a coincidence?


One of the lesser heard characters of the Marvel Universe fans nonetheless loved Paul Rudd in “Ant-Man”. When the movie came out in 2015, the film provided us with a different kind of superhero, which was kind of refreshing in the grand scheme of things that said, Ant-Man did have its fair share of mistakes. One that you might have missed involved the runs foray into the pipes. You see pipes don’t have printings, weld, and flanges on the inside. You wouldn’t actually see any of those things because they’re all on the outside Oh, well, it was still a very fun movie.

Quantum of Solace

Let’s face it. We’re willing to accept a lot of over the top science and physics to find logic when it comes to “James Bond”. Yet well, 007 can perform miracles stunts, not everyone else can. In “Quantum of Solace”, someone forgot to tell one of the extras about this clearly visible in the background. At the Haitian port, we can see one extra crewman sweeping nothing but air. Once you see this, it’s really all you can see.

Wonder Woman

Who doesn’t love “Wonder Woman”? There’s something just so awesome about Washington girl. Godot kicks the butt of a bunch of enemy soldiers. Anyways, one tiny goof you’ll actually hear and not see in this film involves the sidekick Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine when he’s getting out of the bath and getting dressed the camera pans to a good dough and we hear an audible zip as pine does have his pants. The only one problem is zippers we’re not used in men’s pants until the 1920s, years after the events in the movie had taken place.

The fate of the furious

Alright, so making fun of people in the Fast and Furious movies isn’t much of an accomplishment, but will still give it a go for you. Military buffs out there. “The fate of the furious” or “fast and the Furious” had likely left you shaking your head. Even if we ignore the outlandish speed and ice smashing abilities of the coolest submarine, there’s that ridiculous heat-seeking missile seen. The slowest missiles still travel several hundred miles per hour. Then Vin Diesel’s car must have been doing a similarly impossible speed all while maintaining control on ice and snow.

Spider-Man Homecoming

Given the yet another reboot, this new “Spider-Man” seems to be a fanfavoritee. At last, like every Marvel film. There are many gifts and mistakes but will focus on just one we’re talking about the ferry scene where the ship gets chopped in half lengthwise and doesn’t sink. Clearly, that ferry must have been built out of foam because any other ship would have filled up with water incredibly fast. Not only that, but when Ironmen wells everything back together. The ship doesn’t see any lower in the water. Thanks to all that extra weight.


Finally, movies are created by humans and no human is perfect in this world. It depends on your view of movies. One would definitely enjoy all of the movies if the intentions are to focus on contents rather than mistakes made while editing.


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