Bollywood superstar misery death

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Sridevi was a Bollywood actress. She died after drowning in a birth tub in Dubai based hotel. She died at an age of 54. Preliminary reports show that she was in a cardiac arrest in a wedding she had attended of a close relative. Her nephew was having a wedding in the UnitedĀ Arabs Emirates. She died on that Saturday evening. This was according to BBC reports.

The police confirmed the reports later. They said that she was dead and that the cause of her death was due to drowning. She loosed consciousness and she then drowned in a bathtub. This report was released after a post-mortem report. They closed the case and the police concluded that she was drunk or had an influence of alcohol when she died. One of the family members, her
brother in law said that she had a cardiac arrest which led to her death. This was, however, contradicting since its very unlikely to link drowning and cardiac arrest.

Her body will be flown to India where she will be laid to rest. People have gathered into her home in Mumbai. They will be paying their last respect to their fallen heroine. The funeral will take place on Wednesday. Sridevi was an established superstar who rose to success without the support of any male actor. She was involved in about 300 movies. This was in a span of 50 years of acting.
The police, however, had been withholding the body pending the full results of the post-mortem. The prosecutor announced
that the body would be released and all reports surrounding her misery death was complete. There were conflicting reports surrounding her death where some reports said that it was due to cardiac arrest, others reported that it was due to alcohol. The police closed their investigation and concluded that Sridevi died due to drowning in a bathtub. This was after losing consciousness. This report ended a lot of speculations where everyone thought that there was a foul play in her death.

The report of the post. Mortem analysis was released by the police to her family and the Indian consulate. This was followed by the release of her body to the family members. The death of Sridevi was a shock to many including the acting industry more so in India. Her career came to an abrupt end after a span of 50 years. In those 5 decades, she was involved in more than 300 movies. She was awarded an honor of Padma Shri in 2013 as the fourth highest civilian honor.

The death has attracted a lot of tributes from Bollywood stars and other dignitaries. The Prime Minister of India Modi also paid his tribute. Her colleague Chopra paid her tribute with deep sorrow and said that she a lady of grace. She added that the world has lost a great talent and the legacy left by Sridevi was great. Her great career will forever be remembered.


Her body arrived at Dubai at 5.30 PM and it will be flown to Mumbai afterward.



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