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“Breaking In” is a movie that will allow you to have a lot of fun with your family and friends, as it has the outstanding plot that you have been seeking for a long time. This plot is just very well made, and you can truly get what you need down the road. We are going to let you know what “Breaking In” has in store for you so you can truly have a blast with your family and friends right away, and that is not an exaggeration at all for anyone out there.

A Villain

Levi Meaden will portray a villain in “Breaking In”, an upcoming release that you have to see to believe. But this man is truly a lover of his family, and he is always on the lookout for opportunities to reaching out to them as soon as possible. This is a trait that we love in this man, and he is truly proud of this at all times. Levi Meaden is here to stay for a long time because he knows what he is doing.


Levi Meaden is also a super-protective guy with all the love in the world to keep their close friends and family members happy at all times, so he is truly willing to go to the extra mile to take their lives to the next level right away. Levi Meaden is very serious about performing his best at “Breaking In” and he is studying his character very well so he can do the best work in the movie that you will truly love right away. He is also working hard to make sure that he is understanding what his character is all about and what he can do to do the great job his fans are waiting for him to do in Breaking In.


Levi Meaden wants to understand his character even deeper, and he is thinking about his ambitions and fears down the road because this character has to deal with strong problems in his family. For instance, there is a problem of theft in the family because some intruders just broke into the home to steal whatever they find. Therefore, Levi Meaden has to understand the normal reactions of his character in the movie so he can truly do the job properly right away too.

Levi Meaden is not someone who loves paybacks or something like that because he loves the good life. Living a good life is better for him to do it than just paying someone else back for something he or she did him wrong. Well, this is a great philosophy that we think he can use to take his life to a whole new level because it might work very well for him over time. But he does not want others to take advantage of him by going too far, so he is willing to push someone else around if that is required at any moment in the future.

Ariel Winter

Levi Meaden`s girlfriend, Ariel Winter, look gorgeous while in a dark hunter gown at the premiere of the movie called “Breaking In”. This 20-year-old actress just wanted to support the career of his longtime boyfriend Levi Meaden. She is truly committed to giving this man a lot of support for his career, and she made a dent in the event with all her beauty shining like the sun in the sky.

The Plot

The plot of “Breaking In” is truly cool because it is all about a man who is going to his father in a countryside. He finds himself just in a difficult position when some guys just break into the house to steal something. This is a difficult plot for this man who wants to save the lives of these people as soon as possible.

James McTeigue

James McTeigue is the director of the movie and he is also known for many other movies such as “The Raven” and “Ninja Assassin”. James McTeigue grew up in beautiful Australia surrounded by all the gorgeous fantasy of that amazing country. He loves evolving ideas into a film either they be political or personal, as he wants to play with these things right away.

Gabriel Union

Gabriel Union plays the main character of the film, and she was born in Nebraska in 1972. Her father was a business executive and her mother was the manager of a phone company. She moved to California when she was eight and attended high school there. She loved sports while in high school where she practiced track, basketball, and soccer, and she truly loved what she was doing there. In 1991, she happily graduated from high school and wanted to take on the world down the road too.

Billy Burke

Billy Burke was born in Washing, and he began using a microphone at nine. Yes, it is true, and he loved what he was doing because life proved that he was right when it comes to acting and singing. At fifteen, he also joined the band so he could take his interests in music to the next level as soon as possible. He is another of the important actors of “Breaking In”, and you have to watch what this man is capable of doing on screen. At university, he continued dealing with drama, music, and bands because he wanted to pursue a career in this field over time.

“Breaking In” is here to stay for a long time because the movie has an outstanding plot that you will truly love in no time, and you will be having a lot of fun with it right away. Levi Meaden will do the amazing job that you expect from an actor such as this one, and he was very happy while attending the premiere of Breaking Inn with his girlfriend. He deserves to be happy because he has been working hard to achieve success in the field of movies, and he will do the job very well in this movie. Therefore, prepare your wallet to pay for a ticket to this movie right away too.

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