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“Blockers” is a comedic movie that will have you and your friends cackling with laughter this 2018. But don’t be fooled. This lighthearted show will unfold a touching message of parenting and family relationships. Before you get down to buying tickets to this fun-filled movie, why not read more about what you can expect from it, and the brilliant minds behind the makers of the show. Here’s everything we know about “Blockers” that may be of interest to you:

Plot of the movie
With prom night just around the corner, three parents of three seniors who have been friends since they were in kindergarten, find out how their daughters have made a plan to lose their virginity on that very day. Each teenager and parent unit has a different story to tell. A single mother finds it difficult to accept the departure of her daughter who will leave for college, a tough-looking father pours his affection over his daughter has a tendency to treat her as if they’re best friends, and finally, a dad who has been divorced and simply wants the best for his sweetheart and is fine with her being a closeted child. As the date of prom night approaches, one of the girls announces to her friends at the cafeteria at school, with bold plans to do the deed at the end of the night. This leads to the three young girls of the trio of parents forming a pact in the evening. The young female leads aren’t just going to pick any man at random on that night though. The boys who are targets of the pact include a longtime boyfriend, a party boy, and a boy who gets selected only because he is the result of a roll of a dice. The plan gets discovered after the three bid farewell to their parents and text about their pact with messages of innuendo-laden emojis. What they do not realize is how their texts are monitored closely by their parents who can see it all happen in real-time on a home computer. It takes a while for the folks to interpret these messages, but they soon realize that it is a plan that they need to ruin to make sure their kids don’t see it through. Teaming up in attempts to “cockblock” the teenagers’ mission, the protective and frantic parents do their best in their one-night operation to ensure their children don’t get what they’ve set out to achieve.

Cast and crew of “Blockers”
The three teenage girls in question are enthusiastic Julie (played by Kathryn Newton), snarky Kayla (played by Geraldine Viswanathan) and insecure Sam (played by Gideon Adlon). And there are their parents: Julie’s single mother Lisa (played by Leslie Mann), Kayla’s hulk-like father Mitchell (played by John Cena), and Sam’s divorced dad Hunter (played by Ike Barinholtz). The movie also revolves the girls’ “conquests” to fulfill the pact, alongside other characters that help portray and develop the friendships formed between the girls and those formed within the high school.

Production information
The film is directed by Kay Cannon, an award-winning writer, and producer on “30 Rock” before going on to write for “Pitch Perfect” and its two sequels. In the movie “Blockers”, Kay Cannon works with scriptwriters and brothers Brian Kehoe and Jim Kehoe. Both of whom effortless mix casual and serious dialogues together, while throwing in the occasional mix of jokes into the show.
With the help of producers Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Chris Fenton, Kay Cannon is able to engage the audience and showcase how differently female sexuality is viewed compared to their male counterparts. The latest news and gossip revolving the movie. There’s a reason why “Blockers” is widely talked about. Aside it being a fun movie to watch, it is highly relevant to the ongoing #MeToo movement. Women can be in control of sexual situations and celebrate the desires they have too. But this does not come at the expense of disrespecting the men. The teenage girls’ “targets” – Connor (played by Miles Robbins), Austin (played by Graham Phillips), and Chad (played by Jimmy Bellinger) – are also treated with an equal amount of respect in the movie, without steering the attention away from the young female leads and the premise of the movie.

Going backstage

If we were to take a step back and go behind the scenes of how this movie was made, it would be interesting to note that “Blockers” was not the initial movie title. “Blockers” was originally produced to have the name “The Pact”, with the same premise of how the high-school girls made a plan to lose their virginity that prom night. This was later changed to the “Blockers” name that we now know of.Looking past the experience of the star-studded cast, this was not just an acting role to fulfill, but a rather relatable tale to tell at that. With a majority of the cast having children and having experienced such emotions, it should come as no surprise why their characters’ over-protectiveness has been so well portrayed.

Interesting information about its actors
This film is set to be an addition to the memorable movies acted by the cast. Leslie Mann is known for her shows “The Other Woman” and “This Is 40”. Ike Barinholtz has acted in “Neighbors” and “Suicide Squad”. And not to forget record-breaking WWE champion John Cena in the movies “Trainwreck” and “Sisters”.
One of the main reasons why the “Blockers” is popular is because of the release of one of the movie trailers where John Cena funnels beer into his rear end. However, it is only one of the many laughter-inducing scenes, and the movie promises even more scenes that are bound to keep its audience chuckling. Without revealing too much of what scenes to expect in the movie, the “Blockers” is a wonderful mix of comedy which does not fall short of informing the viewers that while many of us strive for freedom to do whatever we want, it is also normal to expect our parents who strive to sometimes protect us to the extremes. But at the end of the day, it’s about being surrounded by people who mean well only want to offer an alternative perspective on the things we think are best for ourselves.


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