Everything you need to know before watching “It”

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You have been probably living under a rock if you have not heard of the new “It” movie, with earnings surpassing $400m dollars already, it’s by far the most successful Stephen King’s adaptation ever made, and one of the most successful horror movies in the history. So as any sane person would, you are probably considering going to the cinema to see (and judge) this box-office records destroyer movie with your own eyes. With this in mind, we bring you everything we think you should know before watching “It”.
First of all, you should know that this is not a remake of the 1990 miniseries, is a new adaptation of the original book. The reason for this is that the 1990 version was pretty limited by its time, after all, the movie had to fit all ages. But times have changed, and even if the intense sex scenes of the book still cannot be shown on the screen, a new version of the story, if done correctly, can do more justice to the Stephen King’s original masterpiece. Besides, the purpose of this new version is more in line with the original intention of the author. The film has also been set on the 80’s, unlike the book; this was done to be more in accordance with the real world, and due to the clown attacking every 27 years.
Directed by Andu Muschietti and written by Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga and Gary Dauberman, this movie adaptation of the 1986 homonym novel by the acclaimed author Stephen King, tell us the story of 7 not-very-lucky kids who join forces against an evil entity known as Pennywise, who disguises as a terrifying clown and has been busy murdering people around town.
But the story is not only about dealing with a scary killer, is about the struggles the kids have to overcome in their own lives, because almost all of them (if not all), have lived in harsh environments, leaving them with traumas. In this way, the otherworldly clown arrives as the finishing touch in the kids’ unfortunate lives; this theme about loss of innocence was not achieved on the 1990 miniseries. Pennywise knows this and takes advantage of it, so the insecurities and vulnerabilities of the kids are their weak points.However, the experiences the kids have gone through are not completely bad, since this same experiences give them the strength to deal with the coming of the monster.
The monstrous clown was originally planned to be portrayed by Will Poulter, who was previously cast for the role but had to leave the character due to problems in the schedule. In the end, Bill Skarsgard, who manages to give life to a monster worthy of your worst nightmares, was chosen for the performance. The actor is more widely known for his work on Anna Karenina and The Divergent Series: Allegiant. Other actors considered for the role were Mark Rylance, Ben Mendelsohn and Kirk Acevedo.
The new style given to Pennywise has a more medieval vibe to it, attributing the hellish creature a scarier look without giving up the elements who at the same time attract and creep out the monster’s main prey. Bill takes good advantage of this, by pairing his performance with the personality of Pennywise, he provides him with the extra-dimensional soul it deserves.
At the same time, “The Losers Club” members were portrayed by the young actors: Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard (known by his role on the Netflix series Stranger Things), Jack Dylan Grazer, Sophia Lillis, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Wyatt Oleff and Chosen Jacobs. Is worth mentioning that the characters are well defined, and even if they are not amazing individually, the bullied members of the club conform a good group with the same objective in common, bonding in a realistic way that works really well; additionally, the kids look like the members of a real losers club, so extra points for that.
The project was initialized on 2009 and it went through three phases: in the beginning the movie was intended to be a single film with David Kajganich as the screenwriter, only to change the project later to a dual film production, first with Cary Fukunaga as the director and co-writer and later with Andu Muschietti as the final director. Independently of the procedure the project went through, the final result is very satisfactory, so we can say the decisions made were the correct ones.
The film has received good criticism by the media, and even if is not as scary as someone would expect, is a very entertaining movie about friendship and loyalty, so it can be said that the main goal was aimed to a more rich story in expense of the horror and gore that some people might prefer (keep in mind that this is still an R-rated movie), so, no matter the terrifying experiences the kids will have in their journey, “It” manages to make more important the loyalty and relations between the kids. If this is a good or bad move is up to the viewer preferences. Nonetheless, even with the intention of the film guided to the humanity of the characters, the movie does not have a difficult time in keeping you awake at night.
If all of this is not enough to convince you to go watch the movie, Stephen King himself has said that he was impressed by how good the movie is, expressing that he had hopes for it, but that the actual result was better than expected. Who else do you need approval from if not from the author himself?
So, now you know the new cast, you know the plot, you have an idea of what to expect, and you even have the approval from Stephen King himself, hopefully this will make you go watch the film and will help you to understand and appreciate the movie on a new level and maybe even made you read the book, which is amazing on its own. With that being said, there is only one question left.
Are you ready to float?

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