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If you are a staunch fan of “Grey’s Anatomy”, then you definitely want to read this!


“Grey’s Anatomy” has been renewed for season 15. This makes it the longest TV drama series to run at ABC network. The series is loved by many and has a huge follow-up. It is one of those shows you do not just want to miss. It has a huge base and most of the fans have watched it since it began with season one. The Grey Sloan Memorial is a story that does not only bring joy to the viewers but also most fans can relate to the story as well.

It is one of the most top-rated shows at ABC and with the renewal of a completely new season; they are looking forward to an increase in the rating. Around 7 million viewers have viewed it and this is still increasing.


Shonda Rhimes who also executive produce it among other producers created the show. In August Last year, it was announced that Shonda Rhimes would be leaving ABC studios. She had spent an entire decade at ABC and was set to expand her creativity by joining Netflix. However, her production company will produce new projects for Netflix. However, she will stay at ABC and continue executive producing her current series;“Grey’s Anatomy.”

The series has been a Thursday night staple on ABC network and has been able to survive several cast turn over the last decade. This week’s episode has an average rating of 2.0 with over 7 million views. The show starring Ellen Pompeo is one of the most followed shows in the history of ABC. In fact, the renewal was revealed to the cast and crew on their show’s season 14 finale party. Of course, most of them couldn’t believe it but here we are, season 15 and the series is growing stronger.

Apart from Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew, all other regular casts are back on the show. The star, Ellen Pompeo signed another two-year casting contract with the show, therefore, your favorite girl is still going to be on the show. The moment the series star signed another contract with the show, it was easy to conclude that we could have another season.

“Grey’s Anatomy” is ABC’s number one drama for adults and has been so for a whole decade now. It was also the most-watched season between 2013 and 2014. It tells the story of how doctors are faced with life or death decisions on a daily basis. The doctors have built strong friendships and always strive to seek comfort from each other. They, later on, learn that both relationships and medicine cannot be defined in black or white.

The core crew at Grey Sloan Memorial has over the years faced some tough times, but they soldier on. Doing 15 series is quite a job! ABC network, on the other hand, has been able to continue airing this show because it has a high rating and a huge fan base. With this new season, your Thursday nights are sorted. Just get some popcorn and turn up the volume!


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