Fake It While You Make It

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How some movies can take all the chemistry out of romance.

Sometimes it’s just damn hard to pretend you intensely like someone, but as an actor, you should at least fake chemistry while you’re making a movie with steamy love scenes. However, some actors can’t even handle that.

Have you ever watched a love scene and it’s like seeing your parents kissing at your grandparent’s golden wedding anniversary? It kind of makes your skin crawl. You want a hole to open up and rid you of your embarrassment. When you’re watching a movie with steamy love scenes, you don’t want to see two people just going through the motions. It can look emotionless, highlighting to the viewer that these two people have no chemistry whatsoever. You want love action with the sweat of chemistry.

However, what is real chemistry? The answer is probably no one knows, yet somehow we know when we see it. It’s a sexual sparkle, vigour, and playfulness that we’ve all experienced in our own lives.

Some of the actors just seem to be there for another payday. Perhaps their sexual orientation does not gel with their co-star. All of these little tell-tale signs can make or break a movie.

Take a look at these belters for examples of how not to do it:


Showgirls (1995)
Who can forget Showgirls? The answer is everyone including those who went to see it. A film with so much promise, directed by Paul Verhoeven. The award-winning director of such films as “Robocop” and “Total Recall”. Combined with the acting talent of Kyle McLachlan and teenage temptress, Elizabeth Berkley, what could go wrong?!! Mostly everything.

The hype was lustful, steamy, fleshy and provocative. What was delivered was a bit camp and over the top. Poor Elizabeth clearly wanted to be saved by the bell, rather than doing her stuff before the camera with a thirty-six-year-old Kyle Mclachlan. In chemistry terms, this was fire and water coming together to produce a damp puff of gray smoke. Plus, I wouldn’t want to kiss her after she’s been kissing the lap dancing pole. Remember, coughs and sneezes, plus licking the pole, spreads diseases.


Gigli (2003)
Who would have believed that a one-day “Batman”, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in 2003’s “Gigli”, would have the chemistry of a dead beaver on a Canadian highway? Two people apparently in love in real life, yet barely a spark of electricity to light up a handheld torch.
Maybe using an actual couple was the problem. It was already an overcooked relationship, which floundered shortly after. We were being served the well-done steak rather than the steamy sizzle.


50 Shades of Grey (2015)
The pinnacle of everything bad must be 2015’s, “50 Shades of Grey”. Popular films don’t always make good movies. A film based primarily on steamy love-making, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan came together to make this movie, however, not very well in the biblical sense. Maybe it was overhyped, maybe it was just bad. Perhaps our imaginations are a whole lot dirtier when we are reading the book.

So there you have it, you can be paid a fortune to act, you can even act with your real life partner, but sometimes it just ain’t there. You can’t always fake it while you make it.

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