Female Filmmakers Breaking the Ground in the Esoteric Scene of Genre and Studio Filmaking

Posted 2018/07/26 441 0

At least the world of comics witnesses new faces in the entertainment industry. Not just new faces but new hands and fresh minds. The usually dominated world of animation movies by the males in the scene of directing now witnesses new era as the females are now on the move to breaking the trend.

Yes, there may still be few hands in this scene (such as the three comics’ examples which are directed by females and currently trending); this, no doubt, is still a breakthrough for the female gender in the realm of filmmaking. The political weight will not be light in of course while witnessing this change but it will be a call to action for others out there to take on the “I can” ability and go out there to break grounds, talking about the female directors.

The scene which is outside of the visuals has been largely dominated by the males. This sure will speak to the mind that a political weight will be exerted upon the females and they will have to so bear the weight for sure in order for such roles to be penetrated by them. This will to bear the weight is becoming evident with the surfacing of new female directors.
However, there is the critics and rating which is sure to bring up another heavyweight upon the females but quality will speak in the realm. When you do what’s right, then it is believed that no matter the level of criticism you might confront, you are sure to scale through. The males have been scaling through here, so why should the female directors do, too?

Currently, the numbers of movies being applauded are still not yet up to the amount to get this level of applause but the fact remains that kudos should be given to the groundbreakers who defied past culture in the filmmaking industry. The industry will no doubt be moving to become a stereotypical scene when moves like these are not taken by the “confronters.”

Perhaps, others out there awaits those who would break the existing norm, who knows? What is to be noted is that those comic directors who directed the acclaimed movies need to go out there and train their subordinates. In order to break this cycle of “males in the inner scene of animation and comic movies,” females need not go to rest on their hoarse.

There are still lots of sci-fi out there which are waiting for someone who would break them out.
Moreover, superheroes are there, comedy is there. All these need not wait for the next male director to bring them out. Go for it. Do not wait. And that is the spirit. Of course, the males would also not sleep on their mattress, they are bound to progress. The question, however, still remains: who would win? Will the comic arena see females behind the camera acting the
various roles that have been dominated by the males? Only time will tell. You can keep your fingers crossed and see if those three ground-breakers have really opened up space for more females in this scene.


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