Finally Uma Thurman talks about Harvey Weinstein in an exclusive inter

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Harvey Weinstein is finding himself in the midst of several allegations. All this has led to the Hollywood producer getting fired from his own company.

Everybody wanted to hear what Uma Thurman talks about Harvey Weinstein as she is linked to Miramax. This is due to her roles in “Kill Bill” and “Pulp Fiction”. There have already been several allegations of rape along with sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein by several celebrities. Uma Thurman had said earlier that she will speak when she is ready.

In an exclusive interview with the New York Times, Uma Thurman spoke about her own encounters with Harvey Weinstein. She spoke about the incident in a hotel room in Paris. While discussing scripts, Weinstein donned a bathrobe and went for a steam bath asking Uma Thurman to follow him. She stated that she was not feeling threatened at that time. It appeared to her that he was behaving like an idiosyncratic, eccentric uncle. This incident took place after “Pulp Fiction” had been released.
This was not all. Soon Weinstein assaulted her in a hotel suite in London. She further detailed how he pushed her down. He was trying to expose himself and doing other unpleasant things. She felt like an animal that was wriggling to get back on her own track.

Uma Thurman did not stop there. She confronted Weinstein later about this assault. She told him that if such an incident occurred ever again to her or anyone else, she will make sure that he loses his career, reputation, and even his family.

But this did not deter him. Soon another incident took place which shook Uma Thurman completely. But she did not share the details of this incident during the interview that she gave to the New York Times. Thurman also claimed that Weinstein threatened her by saying that he will derail her career.
A spokesperson for Harvey Weinstein stated that Weinstein has acknowledged that he had made a pass at Thurman in England. This was because he had misread her signals when they were in Paris. But he apologized immediately. Also, Harvey denied that he had ever threatened Thurman’s career.

It was on Instagram that Uma Thurman had said that she was trying to ready herself in order to expose Weinstein. She was taking time as she wanted to be fair, and exact. Thurman also spoke about the incident in “Kill Bill” when she is driving a car. She was informed about the unsafe vehicle. This is why she had asked Tarantino to get a stunt driver for filming the scene. But Tarantino pressured her and made her get behind the wheel. But Thurman crashed this car into a tree. This led to Uma getting severely injured. She accused Quentin of trying to kill her.

She says that while Harvey had assaulted her, but he did not kill her. This car crash had led to a rift between her and Tarantino. All this was disclosed in an exclusive interview given by her.

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