The Sinner – The future that is yet to be unveiled

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The Sinner is a mysterious but compelling psychological thriller involving Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel) who murdered a complete stranger in the broad daylight. The sinner is based on the Petra Hammesfahr novel and takes the form of a woman who committed a public act of violence and an investigator who attempts to learn why? The sinner which is now tagged as whydunnit (a phrase from Creator Derek Simonds) comprises of Forty-five minutes, eight-episode series.

At the end of the first season, Cora remembers it all and blame herself for the death of Phoebe and Frankie Belmont. Though all she did was to keep her sister safe what happened afterward? She still does not have a clue about it. However, Ambrose is willing and optimistic to help find a witness. Ambrose, following his leads, tracked one of the suspects from the murder scene at Duffy’s (Daniel Burrow) house.

Ambrose enters without backup. While the receptionist was attempting to cover up the criminal activity going on, Duffy arrived only to turn around and head back out when Ambrose called his name. Officer Caitlin ended up shooting Duffy. One potential witness down thought Ambrose.

Ambrose working tirelessly is not hard headed and bent on finding a solution. He manages to find another potential witness which is a man working at the clinic desk and the receptionist. They both claim they are innocent making it hard for Ambrose to find a connecting link to Cora.

At the end of it all, Cora was sentenced. She, on the other hand, could not restrain herself from making her last plea for clemency. “Someone buried my sister in the wood and kept me locked up for a period of time and I don’t even have a clue of what they did to me. They are out there” she cried out.

The victim, Jessica Biel who was also the perpetrator of violence, psychological, sexual and emotional trauma was not so different from her investigator, Harry Ambrose. Given the evidence that Cora was suffering from emotional trauma, the judges reduce her offense to manslaughter and then ordered that Cora should be transferred to a secure psychiatric facility.

There, Cora’s case will be reviewed with the possibility to be released after confirming she is no more a threat to the society. As she is been escorted out of the van that will take her to the psychiatric facility, she finds Ambrose there waiting. They shared a hug and Ambrose promise to keep checking on her. However, Ambrose has an unspoken trauma and we are not sure if he will get lucky like Cora. The season ended with Ambrose looking at some bruises on his fingernails.

What will happen next? Which of the cast will feature in the next season? The finale is yet to be unveiled. However, the movie was set to explore what in Cora’s Psychic caused her to snap. The idea is that stepping into the darkness of the past is the only way out to getting healed.


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