George Clooney in “Catch 22”

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It’s been a long long time since Dr. Doug Ross stole your heart in ER. It’s been eighteen long years since George Clooney
took the world by storm in ER, and now he’s coming back to our TV screens in the upcoming TV miniseries “Catch 22“. The series will be broadcast on American TV stations and also on streaming services, so you can catch Clooney anywhere
in the world.

Written by David Michod, the writer who brought us “War Machine”, as well as the Oscar-nominated writer of Lion, Luke Davis, the adaptation of “Catch 22”, is sure to keep fans of Joseph Heller’s 1961 original novel happy, as well as fans of great television everywhere. Clooney is making his big return to TV after 18 years away from regular small screen acting, although he did return to ER for a cameo in 2009. The miniseries will run for six episodes, and we’re hoping for more Clooney on our TV screens in future!

George Clooney graduated from TV to film acting while he was still starring in ER, appearing in films like “Batman & Robin” and “Out of Sight” before leaving ER for good in 1999. We’ve missed him ever since, and have never forgotten the way Dr. Ross made us feel. In this upcoming role, two-time-Oscar-winning Clooney will play Col. Cathcart, the boss of the protagonist, US Air Force pilot Yossarian who is trying to avoid his flying missions. The novel is set in Italy during World War Two and explores
the paradox of pilots who did not feel mentally stable enough to fly, but by applying to stop flying proved themselves mentally stable. This is the “Catch 22” of the title, and the novel and 1970 first adaptation have been significant for discussions of war and the experience of soldiers. The series is bound to be exciting and memorable, not least for Gerry Clooney’s role as a commanding man in uniform!

“Catch 22” was first adapted into the film in 1970, and Clooney’s role was originally played by Martin Balsam in the production directed by Mike Nichol’s. A film adaptation and a miniseries are very different, as can be seen in the many different Netflix miniseries that have come out in recent years. Paramount Television has expressed an interest in the “Catch 22” mini-series, now that Clooney is involved, and their success with streaming series is obvious from the recent 13 Reasons Why series which created an international storm of interest! With Paramount’s production values and Clooney’s Emmy-nominated TV acting, the “Catch 22” miniseries are bound to be a hit. Streaming services and TV series seem to be a draw for A-list film actors like George Clooney, with various other Oscar-worthy actors returning to the small screen. Julia Roberts is signed on for a television adaptation of a podcast which is being supported by Amazon. Hopefully, this means George Clooney might be returning to television for a little longer than a cameo, and maybe his appearance in “Catch 22” is the beginning of another beautiful career as a TV actor. A fan can dream!


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