Heather Locklear Makes Serious Claims About Her Boyfriend

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Heather Locklear now claims that her boyfriend was choking her moments before police officers from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office arrested her. In fact, she insists that he choked her so badly that she could not breathe. Another claim was that the altercation between her and her boyfriend started because he lied to her. The nature of the lie remains unknown. Interestingly, Locklear admitted that she started the fight. She also confessed that she threw a red can at her boyfriend during the altercation. Police arrived when Locklear’s boyfriend was holding her by her wrists as she lay on her bed. They noticed that his nose was bloody. The officers arrested Locklear because they suspected that she had engaged in domestic violence.

They arrested her for another reason as well. She assaulted one of the police officers as they sought to contain the situation. More specifically, she kicked one of the officers as she ranted about the presence of the officers on her property. She said that their kids deserve death. She also said that she hopes the Ventura County Sherriff’s Office burns down. Moreover, she claimed that she would shoot them if they stepped on her property again. Locklear dared them to put another count on her for threatening a police officer, but the officers ignored her. However, the policing authorities in the county took great exception to her claims. More specifically, they obtained a warrant to search her home.
– What did they find in Locklear’s home?
The police searched for drugs, diaries, ammunition, mail, and firearm paraphernalia. They also knew that Locklear has a 38-caliber Smith & Wesson gun registered under her, but they did not find it. The positive thing about this entire ordeal was that Locklear agreed to go to a rehabilitation facility making it the sixth time that she had checked into a rehab center. Sources close to the family state that Locklear had severe psychological and emotional issues before the altercation. In fact, her twenty-five-year-old daughter, Ava, had talked to her about going to a rehabilitation facility.
– What happened to her boyfriend?
Police officers from the State Highway Patrol in California arrested him a few hours after the unfortunate incident with Heather Locklear. The officers spotted him driving slowly on the 101 freeway. They pulled him over, and then they conducted a sobriety test. He failed the test and therefore, he got a citation for this incident. Finally, the police released him after a short period. Ava went her way, as well. More specifically, she traveled to Hawaii with her father. Ava had said that her mother’s predicament had taken its toll on her. However, she remains full of hope that her mother will be free of her addictions and her irritable behavior.
– Is this Locklear’s first time in handcuffs?
No, it is not. Police arrested her for drunk driving. Another arrest took place in 2011. In this case, she hit a signpost and then speeded away to avoid taking responsibility for the damaged signpost. It is important to note that she has a long history of alcohol and drug abuse. She has to get well soon for the sake of her loved ones. We wish her a full and speedy recovery.


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