The Incredibles 2: The Official Sequel Teaser Trailer is Finally Here

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Over a decade since the release of the original film, the Incredibles 2 is finally coming in 2018. Disney has released the film’s teaser trailer and the clip is the first look that the Incredibles fans have had from the second installment of the Incredibles Franchise. Incredibles 2 is an American computer-animated 3D superhero film and it’s the direct sequel to the 2004 film, The Incredibles. The film which is currently being produced by Pixar Animation Studios is written and directed by Brad Bird (who also wrote and directed the first film) and it will be released by Walt Disney Pictures.
The incredibles 2
Incredibles 2 reunites a voice cast which includes Craig T Nelson aka Mr. Incredible – a father who has super strength & limited in-vulnerability ; Holly Hunter whose character is Elastigirl/ Helen Parr – a mother who can stretch and change her body into many forms and shapes; Sarah Vowell who voices the character of Violet Parr – a daughter who can turn invisible; Huck Milner as Robert Parr “ Dash” – a son who has super human speed; Samuel L Jackson as Frozone/ Lucius Best – Bob’s best friend who possess the ability to form ice. Other cast members Include Brad Bird as Edna Mode- a fashion designer and a close friend to the Parr’s family, John Ratzenberger who plays as the Underminer, Catherine Keener and Bob Odenkirk.
The incredibles 2
The adventure will see Hellen aka the Elastigirl in the spotlight leaving Bob (Nelson) at home with Dash and Violet to contest the domestic life challenges while navigating through the day to day difficulties of normal life. This is a difficult transition period for everyone in this family of superheroes and it is made even tougher because the youngest family member, Baby Jack Jack has started to develop his own inchoate powers. The minute-long trailer which was aired in the US on ESPN’s sports episode shows baby Jack-Jack beginning to manifest his superpowers after he was kidnapped by supervillain syndrome. Babies with superpowers are very dangerous and in this teaser, you can see how destructive they can be. After the new villain hatches a brilliant yet a dangerous plot, Frozone and the Parr family must try and find a way of how they should work together again. Even though all the family members are “Incredible” working together is not an easy task.
The incredibles 2
The Incredibles, a much acclaimed animation comedy film garnered very high marks from professional critics and It provoked a lot of commentary. The film was a commercial success having grossed more than $600 million in the global box office. It went ahead to receive two Academy Awards, Hugo Ward for the best dramatic presentation and Annie Award for the best animated comedy film. Critics described the Incredibles as a gasp-inducing movie which left its fans supercharged. The Incredibles 2 which directly picks up from The Incredibles is expected to be more fun and thrilling and fans are anxiously waiting for its release more than ever. Although the film’s theatrical release was originally scheduled on 21 June 2019, it will be released on June 14, 2018 in US cinemas and on July 13, 2018 in UK cinemas.

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