Infinity War : The Hottest , Beautiful and Captivating Movie

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“Avengers: Infinity War” is a beautiful and brutal movie. There isn’t anything out there like this movie. For that it deserves every dollar it makes in theaters, it deserves multiple viewings, and it deserves every word of praise it receives. “Age of Ultron” was a great movie, but “Infinity War” is the true follow-up that the original “Avengers” deserves. It has that grand scale that the first one had, that something new that we’ve never seen before. Marvel is all about showing us things we’ve never seen before on screen- showing us marvels- and this film, like the first “Avengers”, does just that. It is marvelous to behold.

Something this “Avengers” flick does better than the previous two is the cameos. With characters like Secretary Ross, Pepper Potts, Ned Leeds, M’Baku, and Wong showing up. However briefly, their moments will remind us of the richness of this universe and keeps the stakes real for all of the characters involved. Gone are the days of clunky dialogue explaining why they didn’t get the actors in for a cameo. The show is always better than tell. Even if just for a moment, having these side characters from the stand-alone films just makes this cinematic universe feel really cohesive. The best cameo has to be from Red Skull (despite him not being played by Hugo Weaving this time around), finally showing us what happened to him after the Space Stone shot him into the cosmos.

My favorite moment of the movie has to be the haphazard fight between the Guardians and the firm of Stark, Strange, and Parker. This fight and the ensuing conversation was comical as hell. The most epic moment, however, has to be the moment everyone cheered for when Thor arrives in Wakanda in the epic way that only Thor can. It was nice having Alan Silvestri back for this movie. He really stepped it up with the emotional tone of the soundtrack and weaving his Infinity Stone theme from the first “Captain America and Avengers” just added to the expanding story surrounding those stones. I do wish he’d found a way to weave some of the iconic themes of the other heroes in, the way they used the Wakanda theme from “Black Panther”.

But most beautiful was the piano the rendition of the Avengers theme as the credits played after that heartbreaking conclusion. Other great moments in the score include the welcome return of Silvestri’s original Avengers the theme, and his heartbreaking scoring of the emotional death of Vision.
And I especially loved his extended use of his original motive for the Space Stone throughout this movie. While I loved his Avengers theme, I wasn’t a major fan of his score for the first Avengers. But the work he’s done here is breathtaking.

Despite this clearly being a cliffhanger and leading into the next movie, this film does a good job of feeling solid and stand-alone. Unlike other part one’s of divided stories (like “Mockingjay Part 1”), this feels like a complete story. It doesn’t feel like half of a complete story stretched too thin, as can often happen. And thankfully they didn’t try to smash this massive story into one part of the much-maligned “Justice League” did. Warner Bros./DC: This is how you do an epic and dark story.

If I had any complaint about the movie, it is that a few characters didn’t get a whole lot of screen time. T’Challa, despite the final act taking place in his country, didn’t seem to get a lot of screen time himself (though since he just had his own movie two months ago, I can forgive that). And neither did Captain America, though I did read that some characters were pushed more to the side in this installment as they will have a bigger role in the next one- I expect Captain America to be a major the player in part two.

Thoughts on what “Avengers 4” might be called? Zoe Saldana said in an interview a while back that she thought it would be called “Avengers: Gauntlet”. I also think “Avengers: Aftermath” sounds pretty catchy, or “Avengers: Reassembled”. Whatever it will be, Marvel has kept it a secret so as not to spoil this movie at all.

Was Loki’s corpse… smiling? Seriously, when Thor is mourning over his brother, there seemed to be the faintest smile on his lips. He surely didn’t die to smile… if he died at all…

When Thor tells Gamora that her father killed his brother and Star-Lord pointed out that Thanos is technically her “stepfather,” it is reminiscent of the many times Thor and Loki have each pointed out that they are “adoptive” brothers. If you had told me ten years ago that the death(s) of a robot named Vision was going to be one of the most emotional scenes that I’ve ever had to sit through, I would have thought you were nuts. But seriously, his deaths- along with Spider-Man’s and Gamora’s– were some of the most emotional moments I’ve seen in a big budget film in a long time. And now I think I know how all you guys who never read the books felt during the last few “Harry Potter” films. Damn.

One of the biggest draws of the first “Avengers” was seeing those characters interacting together for the first time. “Age of Ultron” didn’t really have that; the only new heroes introduced by the time it came out were the “Guardians of the Galaxy”, so Ultron primarily was just the original group back together again (adding in Vision and the twins during the story). But by the time Infinity War came around, we had a bunch of new characters to throw into the mix. And those new interactions between them was the definite highlight. Bucky carrying Rocket in a battle was great (and I knew Rocket would want to steal Bucky’s robotic arm when they met). And the combinations of Stark, Spider-Man, Strange, and Star-Lord or Thor and Rocket or Black Widow, and Okoye became iconic.

And on that subject, they also did a fantastic job keeping the tone of the individual heroes. Working in elements of each characters’ individual films- the mysticism of “Doctor Strange”, the humor of “Guardians of the Galaxy” (and the music), the joy of “Spider-Man Homecoming”, the Taika Watiti of “Thor: Ragnarok”- while also blending it together into an Avengers flick was surely a daunting task, but the Russo’s pulled it off magnificently. As well they should have, being the guys who brought us “Civil War”.


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