Are Jen and Justin no more?

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We all thought Jennifer Aniston was finally going to get her “happily ever after.” After meeting Justin Theroux in 2007 on the set of “Tropic Thunder”, she was immediately drawn to him. The pair would come together again three years later while filming 2010’s “Wanderlust” and became an official couple until 2011 amid rumors of their romance. What followed was a brief courtship that saw them move in together before Justin proposed to her in 2012. Jennifer was happier than she had ever been, so she said yes, and they were married in 2015.

After the wedding, the world breathed a collective sigh of relief. Jennifer had her Prince Charming, and they were hoping to start a family together. Then, just weeks ago, the news nobody wanted to hear dropped: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux revealed in a joint statement that they were separating. What? Why? It turns out that the signs were there almost from the start.

Brad caused it

Recently, it was revealed that Justin had uncovered old Post-It notes that Jennifer had kept from her ex-husband Brad Pitt. While Jennifer insisted that they weren’t a big deal, but Justin’s apparent insecurities wouldn’t let him move past it.

They were never together

Jen and Justin lead both lead busy lives that made it difficult to spend any time together. They are both in demand actors who are always working, which didn’t leave a lot of downtimes for them to just be at home together with their dogs. On top of that, they took their own separate social circles that neither was able to let go of. This led to a lot of compromising and even less time for each other.

They couldn’t agree on where to live

Speaking of never having any time at home, they reportedly couldn’t come to an agreement as to where home should be. Justin preferred the East Coast and wanted to live in New York.

In contrast, Jennifer has always been a California girl at heart, which makes sense since she was born in Sherman Oaks, and wanted Justin to build a life with her in Bel Air. For a while, it worked. They bought a $21 million home together and tried to make it work.

Unfortunately, Justin couldn’t adjust to the culture and longed for New York. Jennifer encouraged him to spend as much time as he needed there, hoping it would make him miss her more, but it backfired. Eventually, they remodeled their home into two separate living quarters.

They couldn’t come together

This is likely to be the primary reason for their split, but we’ll never know the whole story. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were both wells on their way to forty when they started dating, so they already had plenty of time to build their own individual lives, complete with their own habits and personal tastes. This isn’t always a recipe for disaster, but they are so busy that they didn’t have many opportunities to develop a life together. Once things began to unravel, it was easy to return to those lives.

As the year goes on, we’ll no doubt learn more about their split, but we can only hope that they can move past it and find happiness because they both deserve it.

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