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Tom Cruise whose birth names are Thomas Cruise Mapother is a re-known American actor and producer aged 55 years. He started acting when he was 19 years old in the film known as endless love. The very charming and good looking actor will receive the Pioneer of the Year Award at the CinemaCon come 25th April 2018 during the Pioneer of the Year dinner. He has been nominated three times for the Oscar award and also won three Golden Globe Awards. The Award for the Best Performance by an actor in 1990 in a motion picture in drama, then the best performance actor in a supporting role in the year 2000 in a motion picture for “Magnolia” and the Saturn Award for the Best actor in the year 2002 for “Vanilla Sky” just to mention a few.

In his early years, Tom Cruise began performing with the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festivals and later become more popular when he starred in the film known as “Splash” by Ron Howard Film. He is ranked among the top-grossing actors in the world. Tom Cruise who is to be honored at the CinemaCon during the Les Vegas convention is a very outspoken advocate of Scientology church and it’s social programs that have greatly helped him overcome dyslexia. Tom Cruise involvement in criticizing psychiatry and anti-depressant drugs to be specific the therapy for the 9/11 rescue workers and efforts to promote Scientology as a religion in Europe earned him lots of misconceptions from people.
More about Tom Cruise family, his mother (Mary Lee) was an amateur actress and school teacher for special education, while his father(Thomas Cruise Mapother III) was an electrical engineer.Tom has been married three times and divorced three times with three children. Two of the children are adopted and one is his biological. Tom Cruise is in the recent times filming a new production the “Impossible Franchise” to be finally released in July 2018.
Tom Cruise is going to be the first actor to receive the Pioneer of the Year Award honor which in the earlier days had been bestowed to the executives in the industry. The pioneer of the year award is usually given to a respected member of the motion pictures community who’s leadership professionally, commitment and enthusiasm to best service delivery are exceptional. The pioneer of the Year Award ceremony will take place during the annual fundraiser benefiting the WRMPPF’s Pioneers Assistant Fundi. e PFA. A fund which is aimed at giving financial support and services to persons going through illness, physical inabilities caused by injuries or drastic life changes in the film industry.
It is very clear that Tom Cruise truly deserves the Pioneer of the Year Award as echoed by his colleagues in the industry, this is as a result of his enormous contributions as a producer as well as an actor highlighted by his relentless support of the exhibition community. Well, that is not all because the whole world especially the film industry is going to honor him too as he receives the prestigious award early next year as he is indeed an icon in the film industry.

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