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“Justice League” is Director Zack Snyder’s upcoming movie to be released on Nov. 17. It is based on the DC Comics team of superheroes. The movie was announced three years ago, October 2014, with Chris Terrio to write the script and Snyder to direct. It will be released by Warner Bros. Pictures in IMAX, 3D and 2D. The film was initially announced part one with the second one to follow in 2019 but will be delayed because of Ben Affleck’s standalone Batman flick. The two “Justice League” films are standalone stories.
The movie takes place some months after the events of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. With Superman’s sacrifice for the humans, Batman and Wonder Woman are inspired to assemble a team that consists of metahumans like Barry “The Flash” Allen, Arthur “Aquaman” Curry and Victor “Cyborg” Stone. They are to face the cataclysmic threat of Steppenwolf and his Parademon army, who are hunting for three Mother Boxes on planet Earth.
Cast and crew
Below is the list of the cast and crew of the film:
Zack Snyder – director
Chris Terrio – screenwriter
Joss Whedon – screenwriter
Fabian Wagner – cinematographer
Patrick Tatopoulos – production designer
Ben Affleck – Bruce Wayne/Batman
Gal Gadot – Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
Henry Cavill – Clark Kent/Superman
Jason Momoa – Arthur Curry/Aquaman
Ezra Miller – Barry Allen/The Flash
Ray Fisher – Victor Stone/Cyborg
Amy Adams – Lois Lane
Robin Wright – Antiope
Connie Nielsen – Queen Hippolyta
Amber Heard – Mera
Diane Lane – Martha Kent
Billy Crudup – Henry Allen
Kiersey Clemons – Iris West
Ciaran Hinds – Steppenwolf
Jesse Eisenberg – Lex Luthor
Jeremy Irons – Alfred Pennyworth
J.K. Simmons – Commissioner Gordon
Daniel Stisen – Ancient Warrior
Erin Eliza Blevins – Amazonian warrior
Samantha Schnitzler – Amazonian warrior
Jolie Stanford – Amazonian warrior
Lisa Loven Kongsli – Menalippe
Joe Morton – Dr. Silas Stone
Eleanor Matsuura – Epione
Samantha Jo – Euboea
Suan-Li Ong – Lex Luthor’s guard
Alexandra Ford – Front row football fan
Taylor James – Atlantean military messenger
Tessa Bonham Jones – young girl
Lara Decaro – schoolgirl
Marc McClure – Police officer
Bern Callaco – Daily Planet reporter
Michael McElhatton
Paulina Boneva – Paramedic Gotham City Hospital
Julian Lewis Jones
Sam Benjamin Sam Benjamin – Military Policeman 2
Adam Collins Adam Collins – SO19 Armed Police
Gem Refoufi – Lex Luthor’s Guard
Lynne Anne Rodgers – Cleaning staff
Conny Stadler – Police Woman
Oliver Powell – STAR Labs Cleaner
Craig Thomas Lambert – Special forces
Peter Brooke Peter Brooke– Defence Department Official
Kevin Mathurin – Sketch Witness
Nick Owenford – TV Reporter
Roman Green – Junkie in Gotham Police HQ
Gianpiero Cognoli – Officer Jardin
Edward Mitchell – American Intelligence Officer
Omri Rose – Sgt. Bennett
Christopher Painter – GCU supporter
Paul A Munday – Navy guard
Anton Thompson – American football supporter
Oliver Gatz – Scientist
Jackson Kai – Trainer
Bruce Johnson – Arkham guard
Danny Jackson – Witness 1
Tom Metcalfe – Parademon
Shahaub Roudbari – News reporter
Arthur Wilde – Landing crew
James Heron – Tourist
Theresa Lamb – Tourist
Anthony Milton – Armed police
Elliot James – Football fan
Aside from these actors, there are still a lot of them to mention and are hence not included.
Production information
Michelle and husband Kieran Mulroney were hired to write the script of the film in February 2007. They submitted it in June 2007, which garnered a positive feedback. The studio fast-tracked the production with the hope of filming it before the Writers Guild of America strike for 2007-2008. The projected budget was $220 million.
Fast forward, due to some preparations, the main photography started on April 11, 2016. The shooting took place in Leavesden at Warner Bros. Studios. There were several other locations that include Scotland, London, LA and Iceland’s Djúpavík in the Westfjords.
Ray Fisher was cast as Cyborg in April 2014 to appear as the “cameo in Batman v Superman”. Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams and Diane Lane reprise their respective roles as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Lois Lane and Martha Kent. Jason Momoa was cast as Aquaman in October 2014. Amber Heard was in negotiations to play Mera in January 2016.
Because of scheduling conflicts, Larry Fong who’s Snyder’s longtime cinematographer was replaced by someone else, Fabian Wagner. On June 3, 2016, Geoff Johns affirmed the film’s title. He was confirmed to be the producer in May 2016. The filming was wrapped last year in October.
Last year in March, Hans Zimmer stated that he would officially retire from the superhero industry. Junkie XL was the one who composed the score for Henry Cavill’s “Man of Steel” and Ben Affleck and Cavill’s “Dawn of Justice”. Thus, in June 2017, Danny Elfman was revealed to have taken over Junkie XL’s role. Elfman previously composed the theme song for “Batman’s” animated series, as well as for movies “Batman” and “Batman Returns”.
Post-production wise, Snyder stepped down in May 2017 because of his daughter’s death. Joss Whedon took over. In July 2017, the film was announced to have reshoots in LA and London, putting $25 million into these. It is more than the average additional filming cost of $6 to $10 million.
Latest News/Gossip
Jessica Biel was reported to have declined the role of “Wonder Woman” after being in negotiations. In 2007 there were roughly about 40 actresses and actors that auditioned for the ensemble of the superhero team.
Around April 2017, the “Justice League” cast was already confirmed and reported. Gal Gadot was reported to have received $300,000 for her role as Wonder Woman, plus box office bonuses. Henry Cavill was claimed to have received $14 million paycheck for his “Man of Steel” work. But it was later clarified that the two actually had the same paycheck and the rest that Cavill received were bonuses. Ben Affleck, on the other hand, earned $15 million for his Batman role.
The film has released three official trailers with “Wonder Woman” getting her own teaser. Gadot said that “Wonder Woman” being placed in the spotlight. The film has released three official trailers with “Wonder Woman” getting her own teaser.
The box office predictions in the US and Canada are that the movie will debut to $110 to $120 million, whereas Box Office conjectured that it will be $150 million on the opening weekend. The total domestic gross is predicted to be $330 million.
This month, it was reported that the studio is currently working on the film sequel’s script, according to J.K. Simmons. Because of this, fans will not be able to see the next part of the film until 2019.
Facts we know so far:
• The film’s roster
• The big bad points to Darkseid, who is actually a Marvel character
• The apparent return of Superman
• Batman is the one to gather all the heroes together
• Zack Snyder is the director
• An official trailer dishes on a lot of new details
• The controversy that surrounds the film’s title
Anyhow, the movie’s official website has barred all the rumors by advertising it as plainly “Justice League”.


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