Lara Croft:A movie worth the wait

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Highly anticipated new “Lara Croft Tomb Raider” movie trailer is finally out.The trailer has come out to be one of the most talked about topics on social media buzz.The movie, played by Alicia Vindakar as Lara Croft, is a reboot on the two previously shot movies that featured prolific actress, Angelina Jolie.The movies, “Lara Croft Tomb Raider”(2001) and “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life “(2003) featuring Jolie were based on the character Croft designed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive for PlayStation in 1996.Fast forward to 2009, Eidos Interactive was bought by Square Enix and Square Enix had a remake of the Lara Croft game in 2013 and 2015.The movie “Lara Croft Tomb Raider” set to be released on March 16, 2018 and is based on the 2013 and 2015 games.
So what do we expect in the movie from the trailer that has just been released?For the fans who adored Lara Croft of the 2000s, this is not the heroine you might remember.The new Lara Croft, played by Alicia Vindakar, is a more identifiable to character compared to the previous character portrayed by Jolie who was supposed to ooze a sexy charm.The movie is action-packed as depicted in the trailer and follows the life of Lara Croft, a young woman who follows in the footsteps of her archaeologist father to become a tomb raider.
The movie is a tale of Lara Croft’s tribulations and survival.We see as she goes out on a journey, after losing her father, to the devil’s sea on a quest to stop a group of people called the Trinity.The Trinity, from her father’s message to her, intends to unleash an evil to the world from a discovered tomb called the mother of death.Her boat crashes at sea during the journey and she is caught by the group she intends to stop.She learns to fight and survive all that comes her way.She then has to close the tomb to protect humanity from a fate that would lead to its extinction.

The trailer depicts that the movie borrows a lot from the resulting games.Probably by coincidence or not, Alicia Vindakar looks like a real-life version of the character Lara Croft in the games.The costumes that are used in the filming of the movie can also be seen in the game.The storyline in both the film and the game are similar and showcase the struggles of Lara Croft as she is thrust into a new world of violence unprepared.We can see that she is thrown into violence and she has to learn how to kill even if she does not know how to.She is a source of self-growth, learns to do stuff all by herself and is a hero that most people would be able to follow and adore.
“Lara Croft Tomb Raider”  promises to be a worthwhile watch.This is due to the action that is heavily packed into a very captivating trailer.It seems like a movie that would be worth a wait.However, despite all the positive reviews, some have had negative reviews claiming that the movie depends too heavily on the game’s storyline.I would, however, recommend the movie as it seems very interesting compared to other movies that are depicted from games.Compared to “Assassin’sCreed”, “Lara Croft” is miles away as a game movie and seems to be great watch


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