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“Mother” is a psychological horror film that premiered on September 5, 2017.Written and directed by Darren Aronofsky, it is a film that has awarded itself various critics with people trying to grasp its meaning and sense.Darren Aronofsky has been known to produce and direct psychological thrills that are a masterpiece unto themselves as seen in the works of “Black Swan” and “Requiem for a dream”.It stars Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer. The plot surrounds a young woman whose quiet life with a poetic husband is disturbed by the introduction of a couple that changes their life as they know.Released by Powerhouse, Paramount Pictures, the film has grossed over $26 million worldwide in its first weeks.Its parabolic nature and allegorical sense have been abuzz in various circles as people try to make sense of it but all in all, it has garnered a lot of positive feedbacks and reviews.It has been seen as a new style of film art as even the characters are not given personalized names.


Javier Bardem plays Him, an acclaimed that’s suffering from a case of writer’s block. Him places a crystallised object that magically changes a burnt out place to a newly renovated home.Mother, played by acclaimed Jennifer Lawrence, is the devoted wife of Him.Mother creates a quiet tranquil home atmosphere for her and her husband by restoring their home.
A twist happens when a stranger, introducing himself as a doctor, appears at their door named Man(Ed Harris), with a cough that doesn’t quit.Mother is not keen on the idea of Man staying with them but she is won over by Him. Man with time gets sick and this is seen when an injury can be seen on his side that is quickly covered by Him.The arrival of Man is then followed by another arrival in the form of Michelle Pfeiffer, who plays Woman, who happens to be Man’s Wife.
There is a feeling of loathing between the two women as seen by the various piercing looks that are passed between them. Woman also wonders aloud why Mother hasn’t yet had any children and blatantly points out the huge age gap between her and her husband.Mother is enraged by the presence of the two strangers in her home but can not convince Him to throw them out. Him and Mother finally decide to throw out Man and Woman when they shatter his crystal.Man and Woman’s children ironically called Oldest Son(DomnHall Gleeson) and Younger Brother(Brian Gleeson) arrive before Man and Woman move out resulting in a fight over their father’s will.Oldest Son, who was not destined to inherit anything from the will, injures Younger Brother and runs away. Him, Man and Woman take the injured Younger Brother to get help.
Him comes back and tells Mother that Younger brother has died and been buried.Lots of people come to conduct a wake at their home which enrages Mother because of their behaviors.Mother chases the people away when her house floods due to one of the guests.Mother has sex with Him and announces that she is pregnant the following day.The news opens the creative floodgates of Him and he writes a work that sells out every copy resulting in fans camping at his home.The fans create chaos by the pillaging of their personal properties as souvenirs.Herald, played by Kristen Wiig , shoots people in the head killing them, increasing to the chaos at hand.
Mother gives birth to a baby who Him takes to show to the crazed fan base.The fans take the baby and break the baby’s neck.Mother is grieved and calls them murderers while she stabs them with a piece of glass.The fans turn to her and beat her only for her to be saved by Him. Mother then proceeds to go and set oil on fire which then burns down the house and the crazed fans.As she dies, Mother curses her husband to which Him asks for her love.On her consent, Him rips her heart out of her chest which then changes into a crystal and is then used to create the house again and a new bride, played by a different actress.

Cast and crew

• Jennifer Lawrence : Mother
• Javier Bardem : Him
• Ed Harris : Man
• Michelle Pfeiffer : Woman
• Brian Gleeson : Younger Brother.
• Kristen Wiig : Herald
• Domnhall Gleeson : Oldest Son


The movie was written by Darren Aronofsky. Darren claims the script was one of the fastest he had ever written as it only took him not more than five days to finish the script. The filming of the script started in June 2017 and was finished by August of 2017.

Interpretations of the movie

The movie had a parabolic and allegorical allure to it.The movie generated a lot of controversies because most people didn’t understand the message of the movie.The director came out to hint when he referred to as the man.This led for the movie to be believed to be a form of biblical allegory.Bardem(Him) is shown to be seen as God while Harris(Man) and Pfeiffer(Woman) to be seen as Adam and Eve especially when a side injury is seen on Harris’ character.The children, Domnhall(Oldest son) and Brian(Younger Brother) can be viewed as Abel and Cain with the Oldest Son killing the Younger brother and fleeing ashamed of what he had done.
The crystal can be seen as the forbidden fruit that was shattered resulting in the eviction of the Man and Woman out of the house.The flooding of the house can be seen as a punishment to remove and cleanse those who had sinned against God as seen in the tales of the biblical Noah.
Mother has been interpreted not to have a biblical allegory and only meant to stand to show the strifes that Mother Nature passes through with the increasing inhabitation of her space.It serves to also give out a warning that not taking care of Mother nature and going against her will result in the extinction of the human race.
Several other interpretations have been put forward with the above being the most prominent as several people who watch the movie have come out with various different interpretations.

Reviews and Feedbacks

There has been a lot of reviews on the movie with some positive while others being on the negative trend.The movie has been applauded by some as a great work of art that provides a psychological thrill not present in modern art.The portrayal of a child’s being killed and thrown away showing the evil in the society has been seen as a bold move by many in the progress of the art as children are seen as the remnants of goodness in the society.
All has not been rosy though and some critics have torn into the purpose of the movie.The child’s death has been viewed by others as an inhumane and despicable to bluntly portray to people. Reviews and polls taken by sample watchers have made critics label the movie as the worst of the year if not the century.The third person narration has also been given a thumb down by various critics.Polls by CinemaScore rated the movie with an average dismal score of F entering it into the list of one of the few movies to receive the score.

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