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An extremely luxurious trip across Europe turns into an adventurous quest of a solving murder incidence aboard the train. “Murder on the orient express” is one of the best upcoming movies on 10th November 2017, the movie is based on a novel written by Agatha Christie in the year 1934. The movie is directed by one of the best directors Kenneth Branagh who is the starring of the movie, and he’s famous for his great skills at producing, acting, directing and also screenwriting which has led him to be nominated for 5 academy awards, 5 golden globes without forgetting 3 BAFTAs and 1 Emmy. Kenneth Branagh who acted like Hercule Poirot who is a detective who arrived to interrogate every passenger in searching for the clues of the murder in this movie murder on the orient express, alongside other actors.


Production Information

On December 2013, 20th-century fox did an announcement the commencement of this project, where it decided to hire
Kenneth Branagh to direct the movie on 16th June 2015. Later on by the end of that year it licked that Kenneth would also play
as the star of the movie by taking the character as detective Hercule, it was also reported that Angelina Jolie was also to star the movie but she refused to sign in which made fox look for people like Charlize Theron to take on. It was also reported that Leslie Odom was also to join in and also Tom Bateman, who took on the character of Bouc, then later on other actors and actresses who will also be on the cast list below were added to the crew. When the film began in November 2016 in the UK most of the characters had begun filming their particular roles than people like Colman, Garcia-Rulfo, and Dafoe also joined in the production of the movie on 2017 while actors like Depp finished their parts first so he could begin a new project. This short info about the production of Murder of the orient express can at least give you an overview of the project.


Cast and Crew

Below are listed the cast and crew who participated to make the Murder of the orient express one of the best movies to be released in 2017;

· Kenneth Branagh who acted as Hercule Poirot

· Josh Gad who acted as Hector Macqueen

· Penelope Cruz who acted as Pilat Estravados

· Michelle Pfeiffer who acted as Mrs. Hubbard

· Willem Dafoe who acted as Gerhard Hardman

· Judi Dench who acted as Princess Dragomiroff

· Johnny Depp who acted as Ratchet

· Miranda Raison who acted as Sonia Armstrong.

·Leslie Odom who acted as Dr. Derek Jacobi as Edward Masterman

· Daisy Ridley who acted as Mary Debenham

· Marwan Kenzari who acted as Pierre Michel

· Olivia Colman who acted as Hildegarde Schmidt

· Lucy Boynton who acted as Countess Andrenyi

· Manuel Garcia-Rulfo who acted as Beniamino Marquez

· Sergei Polunin who acted as Count Andrenyi

· Tom Bateman who acted as Bouc

These were the cast in this movie who did a lot of work with close cooperation to make it one of the best movies to be directed by Kenneth.



The former Belgian police and private detective Hercules Poirot takes the Taurus express one the luxurious trains, and in that train Mary Debenham and Colonel Arbuthnot who acted as complete strangers but after a close observation Poirot discovered unusual behavior that suggested that they were not strangers. Arriving at Istanbul Hercules checks in at one of the hotels amed Tokatlian and as soon as he arrives a telegram is sent summoning him to go back to London, so while he’s waiting for the next train at the Hotel he meets an old friend Bouc who plans for a space for him in the orient express. While dining at the Tokatlian Hotel Hercules spots Hector Macqueen and Ratchet having dinner, and Poirot knowing that Ratchett is evil he the describes him as an animal to Bouc.

Later on, as the story continues Ratchet is murdered and now Hercules is obligated to look for the murder and after interviewing and conducting check-ups for all passengers so as to get some clues, Hercules decides to gather up all the
people in the dining cab and then proposes two solutions. One being that someone might have entered the train and
murdered Ratchet or rather all of the passengers were involved in the murder, He then states that 12 of the 13 passengers close to Armstrong killed Ratchet for vengeance of the murder of Armstrong. Mrs. Hubbard is then revealed as Linda admits the second solution of the two to be correct.

Hercules then suggests that Constantine and Bouc should tell the police that the first solution is the correct one in
order to protect the family. The greatest mystery perhaps here is how Hercules expects people on 10 November 2017 not to know the solution to the mystery masterpiece, Although having to get there is half the fun, maybe in this Murder on this train, Orient Express has surprises in all of its tracks. We will try to find out more of this on November 10, when Fox sends this fantastic movie to theaters ready for all the movie lovers.


More about the Star

Kenneth Branagh who has just recently revealed that his parents long implanted him with the idea of not being big headed
despite his early acting talent evidence, “My lovely parents drummed it deep in me to not get above myself, although that is the sin I’ve always been accused of committing throughout my acting career”, These were his words in the Telegraph newspaper. He received critical acclaim for his wonderful performance in the movie “Dunkirk”, which of course was successful in the summer box office this same year, and he’s now waiting for the” Murder on the orient express” release this November.

It is believed that the current net worth of Kenneth to be 67.9 USD in the United Kingdom he is currently a cutting-edge director of 3 companies, while oldest one still running being Kenneth Branagh Co.Ltd of which he had set up about 25 years ago while he was still in his 30s.

“Murder on the orient express” is one of the best-expected movies this year so stay tuned to enjoy the most of it.

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