All you need to know about the Mary Poppins sequel

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“Mary Poppins” landed on our screens via umbrella about fifty-three years ago. Fortunately for all her fans, 2018 is the year she’s coming back to our screens in Disney’s new musical reboot of the 1964 classic, “Mary Poppins Returns”. The sneak peek released by Disney doesn’t give off a lot when it comes to matters concerning the plot, only giving us a brief shot of Mary towards the trailer’s end. The movies directing will be handled by Rob Marshall while its screenplay has been tasked to David Magee. The leading lady, Mary Poppins herself, will be played by the ever graceful Emily Blunt.

The movie is set around the 1930s, during London’s depression era, where we find an all grown up Michael and Jane Banks. Michael now lives with his three children at the Cherry Tree Lane house. His three kids are named Annabel, George and John, and also living in the house, besides the four of them, is their housekeeper Ellen. What seems to prompt the return of Mary Poppins is a personal loss that Michael happens to be suffering from at the time. Using her magical skill alongside the help of her trusty friend Jack, Mary attempts to help the Banks family rediscover the wonder and joy they once had in their lives.
Disney Pictures plans to release the movie on Christmas Day of 2018, which happens to still be quite a long way off. The movie began filming around February, which should give Disney and company a whole lot of time to complete. Seeing how this will probably be one of those fun family musicals, a Christmas day release date could be just the right thing for it and as of right now it doesn’t look to be competing with any major players on that day.
Besides Emily Blunt, “Mary Poppins Returns” seems to have rounded up quite an impressive cast. The movie “Into the woods” showed us Emily Blunt’s singing prowess, so we know she can sing, however, we wonder how the rest will fare. Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer will play the grown-up versions of Michael and Jane Banks, Meryl Streep’s appearance will be in the form of Mary’s cousin Topsy and the lamplighter known as Jack will be played by Lin Manuel Miranda from “Hamilton”. Rounding off this pretty stellar gang is the legendary Angela Lansbury, Julie Walters and none other than Academy Award winner Collin Firth who will play Fidelity Fiduciary Bank boss, William Weatherall Wilkins.
Rob Marshall, the man behind the director’s chair, has his fair share of experience with managing musicals, so there shouldn’t be too much to worry about. As in his Academy Award win for best director in “Chicago” should probably say it all. Notwithstanding the fact that this film was actually his debut feature. And if that isn’t enough, then you can take a look at his directing in the movie “Nine”, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Day-Lewis as well as “Into the woods” that starred Mary 2.0, Emily Blunt (which, by the way, might have had something to do with her getting the role). Basically, he’s completely capable of making “Mary Poppins Returns ” as magical as its original, if not more.


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