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Wondering what Netflix is about?

Netflix is a TV streaming software that enables you to watch different TV series through an internet connected device. This software works perfectly on smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles and smart TV. Netflix makes available new streaming options for the pleasure of their viewers. New and returning series will be available appear early January for viewers pleasure. Classics like Breakfast at Tiffany, The Godfather, Caddyshack and many more.

Netflix shows are current and updated shows of series new, old and returning. It is easier to get an update on a newly released movie or update on consequent series of a movie. New shows on Netflix cut across all movie types such as documentary, comedy, action, drama, season, miniseries, horror, Disney channel, CNN, NBC, short and freeform series, original series amongst others. Netflix has invested into pushing out original contents which include comedy, dramas also documentaries for kids, animated programs even a talk show. The company has played a big role in adding value to the golden age of television.

Netflix new and returning shows are constantly updated. Not to lose track of it, you have to keep up with it. Here are few details for new Netflix shows in 2018:


Lost In Space: This series is about a family trying to survive in outer space.
Altered Carbon: This is a science fiction series that shows how human maneuver their way around the human consciousness and outlive their human bodies.


Maniac: This series features a show star, Jonah Hill, and Emma Stone. It’s about a man who is in a mental institution and still live a fantasy reality in his head.
Game over man, green eggs, and ham (kids series), Hilda (Kids series) the hollow (kids series), Robozuna (kids series), Santa Clarita ( season 2), treehouse detective (kids series) amongst others. Other highlights of new Netflix originals to be released by January:

A Quinceanera Story ( a new miniseries), The liberuans (TNT Season 4), Peaky Blinders (Netflix season 4), Fuller house (season 3), 72 dangerous animals (Documentary series), Dirk Clark’s New year Rockin’Eve with Ryan Seacrest,
For returning movies, here are some Netflix original series to anticipate:


Stranger things: Stranger things has its season one released already while season two is yet to be released. Regardless of that, season three has been commissioned by the streaming giant.

Black Mirror: Season 3 has been unveiled last year, 2016. Out of 12 episodes of season 3, six episodes were released on Netflix while the other episodes will be released. In addition to that, brand new episodes will be released come 2018 at any time.

13 Reason Why: season two of this highly emotional series will return early 2018.


GLOW: GLOW announced the competence of Alison Bree and Betty Gilpin. The gorgeous ladies of wrestling season 2 will return come 2018.

Other returning episodes and their seasons are : Arrested development season five, Travellers season two, Making a Murderer season 2, Chefs Table season 4, Cuckoo season 4, Real Rob, Scream Season 3.

Netflix show is a topnotch TV series fully dedicated to giving their viewers interesting and notable new and returning movie.


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