Netflix’s Holiday Schedule

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It’s about that time of the year! It’s official, holiday streaming season. Time to stock up on hot cocoa and grab a cozy blanket to start binge-watching. Who could ask for more? Rom-coms and Christmas miracles. It’s the best time of the year! Minus the white-outs, of course. Keep warm, maybe under a heated blanket. We don’t want a red nose all merry winter! Don’t you worry, Netflix has you covered this year with all of your Holiday faves!

Netflix’s Holiday Schedule is and will always be one of the most exciting things that have come to this generation. More so, the wide variety of selection that Netflix has to offer. Although there are some questionable titles, Netflix does offer some very grasping, romanticizing stories that will steal all of our hearts this year. With Thanksgiving and Christmas being so tied into one another, we are gifted with not only one but TWO celebratory binge-tastic selection of titles. Not to mention that Netflix has also been releasing its own Originals on top of the nostalgic holiday classics, that are seemingly just as enticing.

With it only being the beginning of November, Netflix has already released and will continue to release a few Christmas miracles to target the “it’s too early but I love it” crowd. Which, let’s be honest… most of us reside in this category. Who doesn’t love more than to get ahead of the seasonal traditions? Here are some titles scheduled to be released in November for all you early birds:

“The Holiday Calendar” – November 2nd.

Starring “The Vampire Diaries’” Kat Graham, this Christmas tale centers around a talented photographer who inevitably, like us all get stuck in dead-end jobs but inherits an antique Advent calendar which may or may not be predicting the future. Of course, predicting the future means predicting a holiday love.

“The Princess Switch” – November 16th

Starring Vanessa Hudgens, this Christmas tale tells a story about a baker who gets invited to a Christmas baking competition and meets her royal twin, Duchess of Montenaro. This story has a little bit of “The lying game” tale to it, minus the dark and twisted secrets. Instead, we are given the joy of watching two looks a-likes switch places and experience the most joyful moments of their otherwise, parallel lives!

“The Christmas Chronicles” – November 22nd

From the people who brought you “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s” stone as well as “Home Alone”, invites to you to their world of “The Christmas Chronicles”. In this adventurous film, a brother and sister find themselves accidentally crashing Santa’s sleigh and pulling an all-nighter to save Christmas. Will these siblings pull it off or will they leave the world in shambles because “People need Christmas to remind themselves of how good they can be”?

“A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” – November 30th

Presenting the sequel to “A Christmas Prince”, Amber returns to plan their wedding but finds herself in a rut: her simplicity does not sit well with royalty. Will this one be as good as the first movie?

Straying away from the loving Netflix originals, Netflix also offers a selection of Holiday classics this year. Such as “Love Actually”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “Mickey’s once upon a Christmas”, “White Christmas” and so much more! Stay tuned! There’s more to come.


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