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Comic book fans and lovers of superhero movies get ready to be blown away by the awesomeness that is Faith Herbert otherwise known as Zephyr, the plus-sized heroine who will be coming to screens very soon. The production company Sony has announced that they will be making a feature length live action movie that is based on the comic book character.

The comic book company which Faith belongs to, Valiant Entertainment and Sony Pictures have signed a contract for the production of the movie and it is part of a contract for five films, another movie under this contract is “Bloodshot” starring Vin Diesel and shooting will begin in August.

Faith Herbert is a superhero whose flying abilities has defied gravity and gravity is not the only thing she is defying. The physical expectations of female superheroes, which is usually a thin waist with abs of steel, are also defied by this character, who is round, has no abs and a stomach like the average girl who enjoys one too many snacks. We are presented with a plus-sized spunky character who is a nerd and a consumer of sci-fi movies as opposed to the status quo of characters who are brooding and have serious undertones to their actions. Zephyr’s powers are not limited to flight only, she also has telekinetic powers and can cast a protective field around people who are close by. In the comics, however, the writers do not focus on her body or its size as is commonly done in movies or books about plus-sized women.

Faith made her first appearance in the Valiant Comics in 1992, she lost her parents in a car crash when she was a child and grew up with her grandmother. Her love for comics and sci-fi movies served as a source of comfort for her after the loss of her parents as it was an activity they shared together.

One of the writers for the show American Gods; Maria Melnik has been selected to write the script of the movie. The Live action movie “Faith”, is a movie about a woman, written by a woman and specifically targeted at women. Especially women who have barely gotten proper representation in the media, this will be a breakthrough in the film industry and the superhero universe.

A lot of fans are eager to see the movie; however, no official release date has been announced yet and it will most likely not be announced soon. Although Maria Malnik has already been selected to write the movie’s script, no actress has been selected to play the role of Faith in the movie. When the announcement of the movie was made, some fans suggested that the Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson be cast in the role of the plus-sized heroine.

Not only will it be refreshing to see a different type of character playing in such a role but it will also be a welcome deviation from the Marvel and DC heroes that have been ruling the world of superhero movies.


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