Nicole Kidman Reveals Her Big Family Holiday with Husband Keith Urban and Children

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Nicole Mary Kidman, a 50 years old Australian actress, reveals her family’s holiday plan on the recent 2017 American Music Awards held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California on November 19, 2017. The Academy Award-winning actress attended the show accompanied by her husband Keith Urban, 50.

When they stopped on the Live From the Red Carpet hosted by E! News, the couple revealed their upcoming holiday plan. The two said that they are almost always together during all holidays.

This year’s Halloween, the couple shared their Halloween costume on Instagram where Nicole looks like a scary and a hot waitress at the same time. She supported her skull-filled outfit with a messy ponytail and a red lipstick.
Nicole confessed that their daughters picked the outfits and jokingly said that next year, they may just have to flip out their suggestions.

Just a proof supporting what they have said in the interview is true, they do spend holidays together.

When Nicole spoke with the Who Magazine, she also revealed that the Christmas celebration in the Kidman and Urban household is chaos! Nicole explained that almost all her families are visiting from different states. They have a lot of family members that even just by opening gifts or eating altogether, everything seems to be crowded especially as the kids meet each other and they also play around. She furthermore said that even though it is a very chaotic, Christmas Eve is the best as it allows her and her whole family to spend quality time together. She actually doesn’t have any problem with the noise, actually, she loves even more. The more the merrier, she said.

Nicole also revealed that Christmas lunch is always at her sister’s house, Antonia Kidman who is a mother of six. Her sister also is usually the one who host their Christmas party. During the Christmas eve, they all go to Nicole’s house for the dinner and for the main party.

Early this year in January 2017, Nicole told everyone that she had heart breaks when she was trying to conceive a baby and fail all this time. She said that she is hoping and praying that she’ll conceive a baby naturally this year. Nicole is a mother
of four beautiful children. She has a son (Connor Cruise) and daughter (Isabella Jane Cruise) with her first husband, the Golden Globe Awards winning actor Tom Cruise, 55. The former lovers adopted their children when they are still together. Nicole has two biological daughters with Keith Urban, Sunday Rose was born in 2008 and Faith Margaret was born via surrogacy in 2010.

Nicole surprised everyone that she will have a miracle baby at 50. After trying and trying hard to conceive in a natural way, she revealed in the Academy Awards that they are expecting a baby this year. Congratulations Nic! You’ll have one more person to
attend your chaotic family soon! One more person to add to the noise, have fun Nicole and we wish you and your family all the best in luck.


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