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Do you know what’s hot about the month of November? Well if you don’t know then I believe you just missed out the month issue of “Esquire” for November as they have published hot and sizzling pictures for their month cover. Just go out and grab the copy of November issue and see the hottest pictures of the most beloved Spanish actress and model Penelope Cruz.

It doesn’t matter either you are male or female, the point is these pictures are going to make men swoon over it (I bet they might keep it them under the pillow or inside their draws and will peek at it whenever they are going to get the time) and trust me they are going to dream about being with her in all those shots. As for females, come on girls don’t be shy you are also going to feel awe and a little jealous after seeing the Spanishian attractive beauty.

For the main cover shot, she displayed her amazing curvy sexy nude figure by hiding with the smooth blue colour velvet drape but giving us enough peek of her skin to drool over it. Either you agree or not but the cover shot is quite enticing enough to watch for a long time and you won’t be able to take your eyes off it or will blink eyelashes of yours.

For the second shot, Penelope is shown on messy bed in a black bodysuit, her attractive bottom is in the air as she placed one foot on top of the other one to create a sexy shape on the sheets. Alert! It’s really hot and hottest shot. The look she is giving to the camera is enough for anyone to forget everything.

In third shot, she is wearing this white lacy body suit which is clinched to her waist making her figure more attractive and showing enough skin of the actress, in this shot you will find her head resting on the retro yellow colour chair and white flower in her one hand and few petals on that lush carpet and giving off us that elegant look from where you can’t take your eyes off.

During these cover shots, the Oscar-winning Spanish actress shared some of her previous experience for the nude photo shoot for her film “Jamón Jamón” which was released in 1992 when she was only 18 years of age at that time. She was too young, fresh and inexperienced, she didn’t have much idea about the shot but still, she gave her the best and that’s why she has gained quite respect and appreciation from her peers who were part of the shoot of “Jamón Jamón”.

She said that once the shooting was done for the movie she was feeling horrible as she was very unclear about the future or what if the movie wouldn’t work in the box office or what if with this movie her career will end? These all thoughts made her cry out loud.

Now she believed she has achieved everything, the fame, getting The Oscar title and married seven years to the beloved Javier Bardem and had the blissful child in her life. She said that these all have changed her deeply and this deep change have given her the new direction toward the life and the work she is doing.

To know more about details about her interview get the copy of Esquire and read out what this beautiful person has to say more.

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