Most Prolific Women Filmmakers

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You will have to admit the fact that most women, though successful in the creation and direction of movies, have not been recognized sufficiently in the film industry. They are merely good participants’ in terms of role-playing and taking up of different movie parts as the movie crew. However, talking about their success as leaders is a topic considered with abject
reservation. Ideally, that is what the society has and still continues to expect out of them that they are team players rather than team leaders. But do you have any idea how great they are in this very industry? It may sound cruel on the side of men and desperate on the side of women, describing women’s situation as undermined’ in the film industry. But what is the grim reality of the whole matter?

Describing women as successful without a backup of what qualifies them for success is also unfair. It is like giving a vague description without dimensions. At least, having a clear evidence of how women have performed extraordinarily in the film industry would greatly enhance justification of this anonymous claim. It will also offer a way out of this women’s situation, by publicly denouncing the attitude that leads to the unfairness in their recognition.

It is true that women have been performing distinctly in directing movies, and here is a brief review of their performance over time.


A woman has once won a worldwide-recognized Academy Award as the first and best woman director, which not only failed to record sufficient history of their ability, but simply happened as any other ordinary event that happens and is quickly forgotten. The absurdity is in the fact that if it were for a man, it would have manufactured history, serious enough to qualify for a
lifetime commemoration.

In the recent past, Kathryn Bigelow won an Oscar trophy as the fourth woman to be nominated in the category of directors. She was also the winner of BAFTA and DGA awards as a top female director while Barbra Streisand won the Golden Globe. Both won as the only women in the awards. How much was their recognition?  But the fact is that they won and were successful. Other women directors of different movies have also made tremendous efforts in their career as movie directors and are worth

Some of them include:

Lone Scherfig

Lone’s first achievement was in the U.S. with her film Italian for Beginners in 2002. Her latest film has earned
her a nomination for the Best Picture at Oscars this year. Her best-directed film was An Education (2009) in which she got a metascore of 85.


Sofia Coppola

Coppola has succeeded remarkably as a female director with her 3 original releases that were highly praised to date. She will be releasing her fourth feature in December entitled Somewhere’. With her best movie Lost in Translation which won her a metascore of 89, she stands to be acknowledged as a woman director of movies.


Claire Denis

Claire is another prolific woman director of movies. She is responsible for a number of the most films that are so critically acclaimed, yet reviewers are not fond of her work as a movie director. Her Horror film entitled Trouble Every Day released in 2001 opened her way to success. In 2009, she made tremendous achievement with her 35 Shots of Rum for which she won a metascore of 92.

In a nutshell, there are several successful movies directed by women, just like those directed by men. The only difference is
recognition. With a realization of women’s potential to perform extraordinarily in the film production industry, it is highly probable that the attitude is going to change and we shall have a generation where women’s efforts are considered in the same manner men’s efforts are considered.



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