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“Suburbicon” is a new 2017 American crime film that was premiered on September 2, 2017 and is scheduled to be released in the United States on October 27, 2017 by Paramount Pictures. The movie is directed by George Clooney and the writers include Grant Heslov, Ethan Coen, Joel Coen and the director Clooney himself. It is produced by Ethan Erwin, Clooney, Samuel and Victor Hadida, Grant Heslov, Barbara Hall, Grant Heslov, Teddy Schwarzman, Joel Silver and Daniel Steinman. The film has been screen at the 74th Venice International Film Festival and the Toronto international festival.

Suburbicon is a peaceful suburban community that has affordable homes and nicely manicured lawns. This makes it the perfect place to raise a family. The Lodge family are members of this “perfect” community but the tranquil surface masks a disturbing reality. Gardner Lodge is a family man who needs to make alterations to his domestic situation and he is in love with Margaret, his wife’s sister. Gardner and Margaret plan a staged home invasion to get rid of his wife then collect insurance money and run away to Aruba. Things later get complicated, specifically with the interference of an enterprising insurance investigator. The home invasion rattles a quiet family and as a father and a husband, Gardner Lodge must navigate the town’s dark secrets of betrayal, violence and deceit. He is forced to kill mobsters to defend his family. It is a story of flawed people making very bad choices hence the name “Suburbicon”. It is set in a post-war suburbia, in the summer of 1959, with social inequalities and bloody avarice resting just under its surface. Suburbicon is a brilliant balancing act of antics and mayhem which offers a creeping suspense, humor and social commentary.

The movie stars Matt Damon as Gardner Lodge who is also Nicky’s father, Julianne Moore as Rose, Nancy and Margaret, and Oscar Isaac as Rodger. Other casts includes Noah Jupe as Nicky Lodge who is Gardner’s son, Megan Ferguson as June, Glenn Fleshler as Ira Sloan and is also a hitman, Jack Conley as Hightower, Gary Basaraba as Uncle Mitch and Michael Cohen as Stretch.

The producer Joel Silver said that, the Coen brothers originally wrote the suburbicon script in 1986, immediately after the release of the film “Blood Simple”. It was reported that George Clooney would star and direct the movie suburbicon in 2005, and it would be produced by Joel and Ethan Coen. Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Josh Brolin joined the cast on 8th December, 2015. They were later joined by Oscar Isaac and Woody Harrelson. Harrelson has two more 2016 titles including “Now you see me 2” with Jesse Eisenberg and Morgan Freeman, and “The Duel” with Liam Hemsworth.


On 31st August, 2016, Glenn Fleshler, fresh off his appearance on HBO’s acclaimed “The Night of Crime” drama, and Noah Jupe joined the cast to co-star along Damon and Moore. Jupe is an actor with a full dance card and is currently shooting “Wonder” with Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay. He also had an appearance on BBC’s “Night Manager”. Jupe is represented by Shepherd Management, Grandview, and attorneys Dan Fox and Steve Warren while Fleshler is represented by Gersh and Suskin Management.

The film’s score was composed by Alexandre Desplat. Desplat has previously collaborated with Clooney on his last two directorial efforts which are “The Ides of March” and “The Monuments Men”. Desplat has also recorded scorer Luc Benson’s “Valerian and the City of a thousand Planets”. Guillermo Del Toro’s “The Shape of war” is one of his upcoming projects.

It was later reported in August 2017 that Josh Brolin had been cut out of the film. The film’s director said that the scenes that Josh shot were quite hilarious and was too funny for the mood of the movie, therefore, there was no option but to do away with the scenes completely. However, he commented that Brolin was absolutely great in the movie.

George Clooney has addressed that the Suburbicon’s comic look at homicide, racism and insurance fraud began with Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign. He says that the speeches about building fences and sidelining minorities made him to look at other times that the people of America have unfortunately fallen back into such predicaments thereby giving him the idea of a 1959 setup, which was full of racial tensions. To him, it is a fun way to explore those same issues and look underneath that thin layer and see some real problems that America is yet to come to terms with. He has further clarified that the movie is not about the United States president but the idea that people have to constantly and fully address issues of race. Matt Damon supports this idea as he describes Suburbicon as white privilege.

When you look at a typical American suburb, you’ll find that the wives do the shopping, the husbands do the working while the children are always outside playing baseball. “Suburbicon” attempts to deconstruct and define the America suburb which is a place that has taken a mythological status since it began expanding across the country in the 20th century. The suburbs promised peace, quiet fresh air and a relief from the urban crime and congestion. This film tries to bring out the dark inner secrets of the suburbs that isn’t portrayed in the real world.

For all its fancy sets with great casts and commentary on the suburban life, the film looks like a real mess. Most of the times movies come along and try to get a little too cute for their own good and “Suburbicon” might be a perfect example. It tries to make a comment about the brilliant-style perfection of life in the suburban 1950s and 1960s. The trailer suggests a disturbing mess of violence, tropes and jokes that don’t land. Some people are already saying that they couldn’t figure out what was going on especially through the tones of reviews.

The film already has an approval rating of 41 percent based on forty nine reviews and an average rating of 5.4/10. The movie has a weighted average score of 46 out of 100. This is based on 19 critics indicating mixed or average reviews, according to “Metacritic” which assigns a normalized rating to reviews. “Suburbicon” is set to be distributed by Paramount Pictures.

This movie has top Hollywood stars that makes you eager to watch the movie. The plot and content is also something that we are all familiar with, and have always been a conversation that people have had over the years and is still affecting the American People. Well, let’s wait and be the judge.


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