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Ladies and gentlemen prepare your popcorn and your big comfy sofa. Get ready for the bomb. “WALKING DEAD 9” IS BACK!!
Let’s talk about the previous seasons briefly. After Rick Grimes; a sheriff; awakens from a coma, he discovers he’s is a world ruled by walkers like they liked to call them is this show (zombies). Trying to survive, Rick faces his family’members and some other people he doesn’t know who were survivors. Life conditions were very harsh in that post-apocalyptic world. Walkers were everywhere. They represented a threat to the life of survivors. And during the last 8 seasons, Rick Grimes and his group were struggling to fight the walkers and secure their lives. The season 8 continues the adventure of Rick and the survivors in fighting against Negan (a character who has a group of 1.000 survivors called the Saviors. A group who enslaves others). At the end of the 8th season, Rick decides to save Negan but to keep him as a prisoner.

During all the last season, we notice a frequent use of the terms “new world” and “new beginning” initiating a rebellious war for freedom and power.
What do we expect from the final season?

* GOODBYE ANDREW LINCOLN: Yes! Such a sad news for the walking dead fans who got attached to it thanks to the Rick Grimes adventures and scenes. But Andrew Lincoln himself confirmed that season 8 will be his last appearance in the series. “This will be my last season playing Rick Grimes,” he said during an appearance Friday at San Diago Comic-Can. Not only that, but the actor had shaved the Rick Grimes’s beard. So it is obvious that he’s leaving. Many people say that Norman Reedus is taking his place as the leader.

Lauren Cohan has confirmed that she will be back in season 9 as Maggie. Because of her new show “Whiskey Cavalier”, she would not be able to continue as a full-time actress. She will only appear in the six first episodes.

After the season 8 “All-Out War,” season nine will jump forward in time, Kang confirmed, “We’re jumping forward in time, so we get to play with the look and the feel of the show”. There’s also a renovation at the level of the filming style and the shooting techniques. Life becomes even harsher and more rigid for characters, they will run into new challenges and live something totally new.
During this new season, characters will have to domesticate and tame horses, produce and forge hand weapons after they are out of bullets and pull heavy chariots and wagons.

The theme of season nine is a step to development and advancement. The characters are building a new world where humanity would come back. The “after war” period is always challenging to state new norms and modern measures. Will they succeed to establish a peaceful atmosphere?

A great news for fans of Danai Gurira (Michonne), other shades will be brought into this character. She will be performing a deep and smart role. A lot of stories would be told with Michonne.

Actually, this season will be an upgrade on all levels. Events will be taking place in a new era with many challenges waiting for the characters.
WHO’S EXCITED about the new SEASON ???


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