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“Smallfoot”, American entertaining animation movie, produced by Warner Animation Group directed and co-written by Karey Kirkpatrick based on the book Yeti Tracks of Sergio Pablos about totalitarianism. With cute characters, good colors with amazing effects and loving songs the movie is appealing to the kids as well as the youth.


The story in “Smallfoot”
The tale is about a group of Yetis (the Bigfoot) living on an island with ice economy with civilization and cooperation who work to sustain their living. Migo who is a member of the Yeti community proves the existence of human beings (Smallfoot) in Himalayas Mountain whose normal daily lives are interrupted when Migo fall into a small foot, a human who had a plane crash and landed in the snow neighboring Yeti community. Migo goes and tries to convince other Yetis of what he had seen, but the stonekeeper says its only lies and orders that Migo should be expelled from the community. Migo is after that approached by four other Yetis who have trust in believing that he is telling the truth. Every person is then informed to either declare their account void or to face expulsion from the community. The brave choosing to face banishment from the society opens a new knowledgeable path and understanding for the fellow community members.
The Smallfoot has only been considered a myth, this surprises and terrifies them as their existence goes against their community beliefs. The news brings uproar and brings fame and a chance for Migo to the girl of his dream. It also causes curiosity among Yetis of what could be there beyond the snowy village and far beyond the clouds. Challenging the language barrier the Smallfoot tells the Yetis about the story of the other humans living down the mountain. This surprises them as they cannot believe that this is possible, this makes them question what they have always made to believe as they were initially made to believe that there is no any other form of lives and that the small foot is only but myths, and there is existence is just but an illusion. Down the mountain there is a wildlife TV host who tries to save his career by faking to meet Yeti but fails to pretend longer when small foot arrives, thus causing curiosity.

Message in the movie

The message portrayed is that individuals need to be truthful in their undertakings and follow what they always believe in irrespective of the implications. The other message is that individuals should accept and embrace differences to live peacefully without conflict and discrimination among others. Beliefs and myths should not always define the individual and bring them into trouble and hostility. It encourages critical thinking in making decisions, encourages people to question what they are being taught and challenges individuals to question the authority. It does promote the exploration of science as its better to live with the truth than to live with lies and fear.


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