The fall of the Mighty

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“Roseanne”- the world famous American television situation comedy that portrayed an American- working class family struggling for its survival through a limited household income, was revived for its tenth season in 2018. The series witnessed
Roseanne Barr, the very talented actress and a pro at stand up comedy. The show was super successful with the total of 27.26 million viewers. Such a large number of viewers in itself state the story of the show’s success, based on which it was renewed for
the eleventh season of thirteen episodes. Everything was going great when suddenly, it was all gone. Internet was flooded with the supportive comments as well as criticisms about ABC’s decision of canceling the renewal of such a big hit.
So, what had just happened? Why did ABC network take such a harsh decision?

Here is all about “Roseanne” and it’s cancellation:

The original cast was seen in the revived series as well, thus regaining popularity when one comment from Roseanne ruined
everything. She would have never even thought that this could land not only her but the entire cast and crew of the show into such a big problem. The renewal decision was reversed, thus affecting everyone badly. That’s why it is always advised to think before you say and when you are a public figure, the responsibility increases threefold because people look up at you and follow

What Roseanne Barr made was a “racist comment”. She tweeted that she liked Valerie Jarrett, former Obama administration official, as compared to an ape. Even her co-stars have condemned her tweet. Sara Gilbert tweeted back describing the
comments from Roseanne to be abhorrent and denying completely that such thoughts are not the beliefs of their cast and crew or anyone associated with the show. She openly expressed her disappointment in Roseanne’s tweet.

Even Michael Fishman who played the role of Barr’s brother on-screen called her joke to be reprehensible and intolerable. He stayed true to his character when he tweeted that his character was meant to represent the marginalized sections of society and agreed that we should all stand up against the bias and hatred, prevailing in the society.

After receiving such extreme reactions from her own friends and colleagues, Barr finally apologized to Jarrett for making such a comment and blamed a sleeping aid for her actions. She also claimed her ignorance about the fact of Jarrett being an African- American.

She ended this war and all the criticisms coming from all sides with her last tweet where she offered everyone an apology and prayed for the divided nation to heal.

With all this drama, we should not forget about the people who were carried away in this storm and suffered from the loss of their jobs. It’s like when bulls fight, crops suffer but claims are being made that the network may order a Roseanne spin-off, centered around Roseanne Barr’s daughter, Darlene Conner and not around Roseanne herself. However, meetings are yet to take place to confirm any sort of decision. Also, not only the cancellation of renewal of the show has taken place but all traces of the new “Roseanne” have also been removed from the network’s website.

Let’s see what ABC network has in store for us and wait for future updates and confirmations over the topic.


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