The Flash Season 5 and what the future holds

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Among all the shows in the Arrowverse “The Flash” probably has the most twist and turns when plots are concerned. Before I get started there is a major spoiler alert for those of you who haven’t seen the majority of the episodes of season 5 yet. Especially the latest one episode 10 “The Flash & the Furious”.

This season started with a major bomb with the introduction of Nora West-Allen, she’s Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future. This was a bomb no one saw coming and in my opinion was a great way to keep the fans interested in the series. So most of the episodes in the current season is centered around Nora or otherwise know by her alter-ego XS.

So far we learned from Nora that “The Flash” never returned after disappearing in the future in 2024 and that this was one of the reasons why Nora traveled back in time. A host of new Meta Supervillains and Humans using Meta tech have since appeared on the show. The central villain so far is Cicada a serial killer wielding a badass Meta killing dagger shaped like a lightning bolt.

Cisco is dealing with having to lose his powers and Caitlin is reunited with her father. Who she finds in an Arctic facility of all places. I guess you can say their family has a long history of being Frigid.

The father-daughter routine seems to be a common theme in the current season. First with Caitlin and her dad next with Mark Mardon A.K.A The weather wizard and with his daughter Joss Jackam/Weather Witch. Even Barry had a time-traveling field trip with his daughter to gather items they would need to stop Cicada. Who by the way was revealed to be Orlin Dwyer whose reason for hating Metahumans was because of his daughter Grace.

So with all the excitement so far what can we expect from the rest of season 5?

Well, there is still the mysterious stranger from episode 9 “Elseworlds, Part 1” and just like the Dominator story arc the succeeding parts were continued on other shows in the Arrowverse. However, this will still have major implication for team Flash. How that will play out will most likely see it on rest of season 5.

New supervillain team-ups are in the work. Episode 10 hinted at this possibility since the reason Silver Ghost was so hell-bent on freeing Weather Witch was that she wanted to form a group of her own. This certainly is a new source of trouble not only for team Flash but the other heroes in the Arrowverse as well.

There is also the cure that Cisco and Caitlin are cooking up for Metahumans to give them the choice whether they want to keep or lose their powers. This presents a possibility that the same cure could be reversed engineered to give humans metahuman powers.

Lastly, there is the cliff hanger with Nora and Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash who she now hates with a passion for killing her grandmother. She doesn’t give him her trust but understands she needs his help.


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