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Filled with huge twists and big revelations, the season seven finale of the HBO TV series, “Game of Thrones”, titled “The dragon and the wolf”, was one of the most mind-blowing,breathtaking and exhilarating episodes of all time. Personally, as a huge fan of the show, it kept me on my toes throughout and I nearly peed my pants. This episode of a rather short season featured Wilf Scolding, who played the role of Rhaegar Targaryen in a crucial flashback witnessed by Bran Stark. It was from this flashback that it was revealed that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark had indeed married in secret, therefore, making Jon Snow(real name Aegon Targaryen) a legitimate heir to the throne and not a bastard like we thought.

When we post a video, a comment or a photo we don’t usually expect that it is going to cause a worldwide conversation all of a sudden, but this is not the case for Wilf Scolding. The Welsh TV actor recently posted a picture of himself on his instagram page outside the Europa hotel in Belfast. If it had been any other different hotel, we could assume that the photo would not have risen many questions from people across the world. This picture of him led to a lot of speculation among the loyal fans of this TV series as to whether Rhaegar Targaryen will be making another appearance (as Wilf scolding) in the much anticipated eighth season of “Game of thrones”.The reason for all this speculation is that Belfast is the place where much of “Game of thrones” is filmed. He however took down the photo but it had been photo grabbed already. The fact that Wilf took down the photo only served to increase the anxiety in fans’ minds so now the question on everyone’s mind, including mine (because I am obviously a number one fan of “Game of thrones”), is whether Wilf Scolding is returning to “Game of Τhrones” for season eight.

This photo is however not proof enough that the young actor will be making a comeback to the show since “Game of Τhrones” is not the only TV series that is filmed at Belfast. However, with fans from all over the globe wanting to get to the bottom of Jon’s heritage and ancestry, they all hope that Wilf’s photo was just but one of the signs that they might just get this closure. It is safe to assume that the season eight of this show will feature more flashbacks if Rhaegar is really coming back because as we all know, he was splatted by Roberts war hammer at the battle of the trident.

If Wilf could shed a light on the matter he would help people ease up a bit but of course, he can’t and we of course do not want spoilers so I guess we will just have to sit back and wait. Maybe, just maybe, he will be back and if he does then my prediction that Wilf Scolding will be among the cast of the eighth season of “Game of Thrones” will have been correct.



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