The Spy Who Dumped me

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The older films contain stories that are typically based on the one thing. They are full of “Comedy” or full of “Action”. But as the time passes the requirements of the film viewers are also changed. They don’t like the films that are created only with a single stream of drama, they like the combo of all the streams in one movie. So as per the fan’s need, the new movies are a complete combo of Action + Comedy + Romance + Suspense, and this creativity increase the popularity of a film as well as promote its rating. These qualities attract the more viewers towards the film and with more views definitely, the movie breaks the records of profits on Box Office when it is shown in the theaters. Here in this article, we are going to discuss about a new Action + Comedy thriller, that is near to be released in theaters soon.


This film is a combo of Action and Comedy in one box. As the name contains the word “SPY” it is clear that it also has a story with a huge suspense because most of the spy movies are full of suspense. In this film, you will see the love revealing the surprise and also comedy and drama make it more funny and watchable for the audience and comedy lovers.

This movie is directed by Susan Fogal, and the story is written by Susan Fogal and David Isreson. The movie is starred by Mila Kunis, Sam Heughan, and Kate McKinnon. Its first launching date was decided July 6, 2018, but it was changed and now it is going to release on August 3, 2018, by Lions gate.
Summary of the Film Story:

As shown in the movie poster the story includes The Friendship and the suspense of the Spy’s together in one place.

This is a story of two thirty years old best friends named Audrey and Morgan, who unwittingly engaged in an international conspiracy. This adds action to their lives. One of the friends gets shocked when she comes to know that her ex-boyfriend who dumped her was a “Spy”.

This suspense was revealed by her boyfriend when he visits at their home with a team of deadly assassins and told her that he is a CIA agent. From this part, the real surprise begins, and this opened secret adds an action in both of the girl’s life, and they both start running from the deadly assassins and a British Agent throughout the whole film. The reason for their escape from the agent is that they hatched a plan for saving the world.

The story is full of fun and comedy with some suspense and action. We can say, ”The film is a recipe of suspense with some added spices of action and comedy that adds more taste to it”. So just go to the theater and give it a watch whenever it releases. You may love the story and the comedy factors of the film.

Keep on watching the Action + Comedy Thriller in Cinemas on August 3, 2018.


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