Why is everyone talking about ‘Viper Club”?

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There is a soon-to-be-released movie and it is already the rave of town. The movie is titled “Viper club”. “Viper club” will be released in the United States on October, 26th 2018. The movie was premiered in September at the Toronto International film festival with lots of pomp and funfair. Hence its arrival is eagerly awaited in the United States.

This movies’ plot is quite fascinating, it is expected to live up to its bidding. An emergency nurse had found herself in a peculiar situation; her son had been captured by a terrorist group. She immediately began to strategize on how to help her son regain freedom. She had sought the help of security agencies which had yielded no fruits. Desperate to find a way to save her son, she ran to some unlikely people; journalists and advocates which she hoped would help her son secure freedom. The battle line was then drawn between this helpless mother whose grown son and been captured and a group of terrorists that constitute a Viper club.

The movie was written and produced by Maryam Keshavarz. Her first feature titled, “Circumstance” was a big hit several years ago. The reviews that trailed “Viper club” premiere at the Toronto International Film festival is quite interesting. Some people who have seen the movie have said they cannot wait to see the movie again while encouraging people to go see the movie when it is eventually released in the United States.

The main takeout from the movie is that you cannot depend on State security entirely for your personal security. The main act was a single working mom, Susan Sarandon (Helen) whose journalist son had been abducted by terrorists. Without the needed connections and resources to pressure the government to come to her aid, she had to do all that was necessary if her son would not end up killed. The story attempts to portray realistic experiences of certain ordinary citizens around the world who are left stranded at some critical moments, without the help of government.
Some reviews have argued that the movie leaves certain questions unanswered for them. But every good movie does same. A good movie leaves the viewers lots to ponder upon long after the screens are shut down.
“Viper Club” also featured top class actors and actresses like Edie Falco and Matt Bomer who gave outstanding acts in the movie.

The movie is set from the perspective of the lead actors, Susan Sarandon who acted as Helen. She got continuously lectured by FBI agents on “procedures and standards” at her most desperate time of need. She knew that the ticking clock also meant that her son’s life was ticking away. Susan would want any necessary protocols to be broken if it would save her son’s life. The special agents, whose responsibility it was to deal with such an issue were not ready to bend the rules for her sake. Susan or Helen then sought the help of a congressman who was not willing to help either. In his opinion, if her son had rustled the hornets’ nest, then he must be ready to bear the consequences as well.
A helpless mom was now left to deal with a complex matter solely with her instincts. The bravery and desperation of a mom, the indifference of Government’s agents and a boy whose life is in danger would eventually have a result. The result ends in an interesting and epic movie; “The viper club”.


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