Will Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) Return To Narcos Season Four?

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“Narcos” has people — dare we say it? — well and truly hooked. And it’s easy to see why. From episode one, the series has proven itself to be grittily violent, nail-bitingly tense and, most of all, disturbingly true to history.Oh yeah — and really, really, addictive.

But as we wait anxiously for our next fix, which probably won’t arrive at Netflix until the second half of 2018, we find ourselves wondering… Will Pedro Pascal’s character, Javier Peña, be back on board for season four?

“Narcos” started out by unraveling the twisted story of notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. At the same time, it introduced us to the character of Javier Peña; an American drug enforcement agencies working in tandem with Colombian officials to bring down Escobar’s empire. After Escobar’s death at the end of season two, the plot-line honed in closer on Peña and his efforts to overcome the Cali cartel, who stepped in to fill Escobar’s void.

It’s not an easy task for Peña, however. Realizing that the corruption is more deeply rooted than he ever imagined and that the war on drugs is virtually impossible to win, he resigns himself from the task. That’s right — we avid watchers didn’t know quite how to feel during the season three finale when Peña announces he’s done fighting the cartels. Full stop. Punto final.

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But is he?

The show’s writers were careful to leave Peña with an ambiguous look on his face. And in his doubt, our own doubt was planted. As season four shifts the scene from Colombia to Mexico, is it possible that Javier Peñawill shifts with it, taking up the good fight once again?

The actor himself, Pedro Pascal, isn’t giving anything away. “They haven’t told me anything. I plead the Fifth,” he said in an interview with Vulture.

Meanwhile, the man in creative control of the series, showrunner Eric Newman, told Hollywood Reporter that we might be in for a whole shake-up of the cast. When asked if he is looking at the entire new cast of the season four, Newman replied, “It’s definitely on a table.”

Newman was also asked about whether it’s safe for them to assume that Peña will return and be going to Mexico in season four.

Still, who’s to say that Newman isn’t just throwing us all off the scent, like any good detective series producer would do?

javier pena - narcos

From a storytelling point of view, it’s tempting to believe that a good guy character like Peña would rise up again, would find satisfaction, or at least the inner strength to keep fighting. As an audience, we’re always rooting for that to happen: in fact, the commonly used story template of the Hero’s Journey dictates that any hero hits their low point, their abyss, before being reborn or redeemed.

And ok, so maybe Peña isn’t that kind of hero. But a return would certainly give viewers the sense that we’re not leaving the character on a low.

Time will tell. After the tragic death of location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal in Mexico in September, the future of the series seemed cast in doubt. Thus far, we haven’t heard anything from Netflix to suggest it won’t continue, albeit with tighter security.

As for whether Pedro Pascal will return as Javier Peña? The jury’s still out.


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